Famor Bomorian

“Volt? You there?”

Volt was messing around with his arsenal, slotting mods into his newly acquired Zaw, freshly levelled up and gilded after a trip to Cetus. He was in two minds on what mods to actually use though so he’d been at this for a while.


The mod mess was probably why Volt didn’t see that first message. He checked his communicator to see who it was.

“Oh, hi Excal. You alright?”

“Uh, no. Can I show you something?”

“Sure? What is it?”

Excalibur fell silent, trying to work out how to send coordinates to his friend. Eventually, an invite popped up. Volt nearly accepted the invite straight away, but something caused him to hesitate. That invitation was to a Grineer-controled asteroid belt just off of Saturn. Volt knew that he’d need one of his Archwings, and the one he currently had ready for deployment wasn’t very good. So he grabbed his trusty Amesha and his Fluctus and accepted Excalibur’s invitation.

Meanwhile, Excalibur was waiting patiently on the edge of an asteroid field. Behind him were the remains of some smaller Corpus ships. Ahead of him was a minefield of Grineer small combat vehicles. In the distance was a fucking massive Grineer ship, slowly powering up a stupidly large laser. To Excalibur’s right was Titania, who was wildly gesturing at him, trying to explain to him what was going on.

Finally, a yellow Liset appeared, dropped off a familiar face and disappeared into the darkness.

“You’re here!” Excalibur waved. Titania waved too, but in a much angrier tone.

“Yeah, sorry for the delay. I realised what this was and there’s no way I’m doing this with an unranked Elytra…” Volt explained. He turned to Titania and waved, then turned back to Excalibur. “So what do you need?”

Excalibur cowered slightly. “I… uh… want you to translate what Titania’s telling me to do…”


Volt glanced at Titania, then turned back to Excalibur again. “She wants you to help her destroy that Balor Fomorian.”

“Ballas Formio?”

“The big thing over there.”

Excalibur gasped, holding out his Imperator rifle and a strange, lumpy device. “With THESE THINGS? That thing is huge!”

“Yeah, but we’ll just go inside, destroy its shields with the Shield Disruptor you have, shoot the core then get out again. It’s nice and easy.”

“Nice… and… what?” Excalibur was clearly scared and a little confused. Titania glared at Volt, then flew off towards the Fomorian. Volt nudged Excalibur then flew off as well, hinting that Excalibur should follow.

For some reason, the three of them flew quite far out, around many of the lingering Grineer ships. As they approached a nodule on the side of the Fomorian, Excalibur realised why. There were weird, shield-producing Grineer machines scattered around that would create nets whenever they got too close. The solution was to shoot the machines down so they could continue. Luckily for Excalibur, Volt and Titania’s weapons were far better than his were.

They reached the Fomorian, and Titania split off.

“Alright, she’s gonna get the nodule over there, we’ll get this one here so we can break the shield and get inside.”

“And then what?”

Volt shot at the nodule. Excalibur did so too, but he wasn’t sure how helpful he was being. An explosion echoed past, signalling that Titania had already blown up the other nodule, as well as several Grineer Dregs.

“Come on!” Volt disappeared, charging downwards towards a large, glowing slit in the massive machine’s side, joining Titania inside the Fomorian.

Excalibur blinked and missed where his squad mates had gone. They must have gone somewhere. Not sure what to do, Excalibur flew round, being careful not to draw attention to himself.

“Uh, guys?”

A ray of energy flashed past Excalibur from below. Titania was floating near a blue… thing, gesturing insanely. Excalibur sighed, forgetting that he could have gone down as well as up. He raced towards her, then followed Titania into the Fomorian, where a massive, glowing core sat hanging motionless.

“This place makes no sense.”

“Tell me about it…” Volt sighed. “Get your Omega Shield Disruptor out.”

“The knobbly thing the Lotus gave me?”



“We’re going to use these at the same time, then fire everything we’ve got at the Fomorian core.”

Excalibur nodded and did as he was told. They threw the Disruptors at the core then fired insanely at the huge, clunky machine. After only a few seconds though, the core’s shield returned.

“Oh no! I don’t have-”

“Don’t need another one, come on!” Titania had already started racing off. Volt tugged on the back of Excalibur’s Archwing, forcing him to follow.

The three Warframes raced out of the Fomorian as a swarm of Grineer chased after them.

Suddenly, everything turned white.

When the white faded, the Grineer’s vehicles had all de-powered, leaving them stranded. The Fomorian’s shell was still standing, but steam and smoke poured out of vents. The Fomorian was crippled.

“Did we win?” Excalibur asked.

“Kinda…”Volt turned around to see where Titania was. She had already extracted, her Liset Prime drifting off into the distance.


“There’s more of them.”

“Oh…” Excalibur fell silent, then suddenly asked a question. “How do you know what Titania is saying?”

Volt shrugged. “Dunno. But today I had no idea.”

“So how did you know what she wanted to do?”

“You have no idea how many times I’ve blown up Fomorian cores…” Volt sighed. “I already knew what to do…”