Judged by Peers

Psiksi was tired, pissed off and hung over from the night before. He vaguely remembered having a chat with his mum, but apart from that, it was all a blur. He’d left Kass in bed, since he didn’t have work, and decided to get his own stuff sorted out.

All the drinking and shenanigans from the night before was all a bad attempt to get over Psiksi’s pain. He knew what was coming today. The Dessaron wanted to do a review of him and see whether he was worth keeping around. Knowing how much Psiksi had pissed off Tenuk, he had a good idea what their answer would be.

“Would you like a drink?” Elksia smiled as she pranced in, holding four jars of hot chocolate. For some reason, drinks in jars was a fashion trend among Vrekans right now, but it didn’t make much sense to Psiksi.

“Uh… Yeah, sure…” Psiksi didn’t want a drink, but if he didn’t say yes, most likely Elksia would give him a drink anyway.

As expected, Elksia handed him a jar. It contained something with cocoa. Psiksi wasn’t sure, but a sip told him it was a chocolate milkshake. With almond milk because she was a Vrekan.

“I think you’ll be fine!” Elksia suddenly exclaimed. “You’ll be just dandy. I want you to stay.”

“Really?” Psiksi blinked.

“Yep. Okay, Tennypoo’s pissed off about what you did and I get that but it takes some damn good initiative to think “hang on, I am trained in therapy, I can help the fricking God of Death with his problems” rather than just leaving things as they are!”

Psiksi rubbed his eyes then silently began sipping his drink. Elksia smiled at him, then waved as Retvik wandered in and threw himself in the chair opposite Psiksi.

“Hello, Psiksi.”

“Hello, General…” Psiksi still wasn’t sure how to approach Retvik. He was a Rethavok, Psiksi was a Skyavok, they had never really seen eye to eye. Heck, Psiksi didn’t even really know what to call Retvik. He was a famous Rethan General even before the whole Dessaron thing.

“You look tired.”

“I am a little.”

“You look nervous.”

Before Psiksi could reply, Tenuk teleported into view, snatched a drink from Elksia, said hello to them all then disappeared, leaving a note on the table. Retvik simply rolled his eyes then picked up the note and started reading it.

“He wants you gone…” Retvik sighed.

“That’s fair…” Psiksi muttered under his breath. “I did steal his thingy. Can’t trust me at all. Bet that’s what he’s written…”

Retvik nodded. “Stealing is not a good thing to do. Especially when it comes to powerful artifacts like… Tenuk’s tea strainer…”

“Yeah, but we’re a democracy here!” Elksia butted in. “Well, Psiksi don’t get to to vote. He’s the one we’re deciding on. I vote that Psiksi stays!”

“Why?” Retvik asked.

“Because he’s a smart idiot who has massive balls!” Elksia grinned. “He went to Death and said “dude you need help!” I mean who else does that? Well, apart from us?”

Retvik shrugged, then hummed to himself for a moment. Elksia pranced off to fetch herself a new drink, leaving Psiksi alone with the powerful Rethavok.

“I’m fucked, aren’t I?” Psiksi finally admitted. “I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought I was helping. But nope, I fucked up again.”

“You have not fucked up.”

Psiksi looked up. “What?”

“I told Tenuk that I wanted you to stay earlier. Which is why he did his silly teleporting act. To tell me that he was vaguely annoyed and went to blow off steam.”

“What?” Psiksi couldn’t help but ask again. “You… want me to stay?”





“Please do not make me repeat myself.”

Psiksi nodded, fidgeting excitedly in his chair. “Thank you…”

“Do not mention it. Now, I need you to assist me with something.” Retvik leaned forward, prompting Psiksi to lean forward too.

“What do you need, boss?”

“Your mother is plotting something. Tenuk informed me of this. You and I need to… fix things…”

“Anything you need, Retvik. What are we going to do?”

“We need to visit your home world…”