Mountain Massage

“What is it?” the group of Thraki all whispered to each other as they hovered around the mountain-sized beast. It had somewhat just poofed out of thin air and had landed neatly in the valley, but it was not a friendly-looking being.

“It looks like a water beast or something…” one of the larger Thraki, a white and blue scaled being, suggested. “Like, it sort of looks like something the Panelix would make.”

“I am not so sure…” an even larger Thraki, this one mostly rustic brown with a dark blueish black trim on its scales and wings, grunted. “The Panelix can not make life. It can only do so with the assistance of the Allbirther… Rosunax, can you please stop trying to bite or chew my tail?”

Rosunax, a somewhat smaller and smoother-skinned Thraki with greyish green scales, backed away from the other Thraki. “Sorry, Zoorvuiiz. I am just… you know how the Vens are making us all…”

“We are supposed to be above that!” the largest of the Thraki hissed. This one was mostly purple with odd patches of black, grey and gold. “We are supposed to be above lustful desires!”

“Clearly the Vens and the Rahhes disagree. The Panelix brought to us gusts of lust, maybe she wishes us to use them…”

“QUIET, Lokmahraal!” the largest Thraki shouted. “How dare you-”

“How dare you push my…” Lokmahraal, the white and blue Thraki, sighed, then gave up. “There is no use arguing, Vokulnaax. We are being besieged by desires and we have bigger things to worry about.”

Vokulnaax stared at Lokmahraal, his attention distracted from Rosunax and Zoorvuiiz, both of whom were edging closer to the living mountain of flesh and scales. Rosunax in particular was almost hypnotized by this being’s presence. The young Thraki flapped down towards the creature, trying to find a spot that didn’t look too scary. There was a strange, tree-like appendage growing from the top of the creature’s head, so that was where Rosunax decided to go.

“What are you doing?” Zoorvuiiz whispered.

“I want to touch it.”


“I do not know.”

Rosunax flew closer, until he was within reach of the tree-like appendage. After a moment of hesitation, Rosunaz gently nudged the tree with his head.

Suddenly, everything shook. The creature moved. Just a bit, but it moved.

“Do that again!” Zoorvuiiz shouted.

“DO NOT-” Vokulnaax’s demands were cut off as everything started moving again.

The being’s body moved upwards, bumping into Rosunax and forcing him to land on the creature properly. Two gargantuan eyes opened up on the side of what looked like the creature’s head, peering coldly at the Thraki. These eyes glowed ominously, somehow pitch black yet filled with stars and were almost as big as the Thraki themselves. What was stranger though was how the tree-appendage suddenly changed into a large tendril, with a similarly glowing orb on its tip. The orb hovered above Rosunax, almost curiously so.

“What did you do?” Vokulnaax hissed.

“I touched it…” Rosunax remained very still, almost too scared to move. “I just wanted to touch it… Like it… wanted me to touch it.”

A new voice rumbled above that of the Thraki. “Yes. Touch me.”

The Thraki hesitated.

“Uh, why?” Lokmahraal asked.

“Because your Panelix demands it!” the creature smiled, showing off rows of massive teeth. “No being ever touches me gently. I wish to be touched further. Perhaps even massaged. And maybe more.”

All four Thraki glanced at each other.

“Is this because of the Vens?” Rosunax asked.

“Yes. I wish to enjoy these peaceful winds as well…” the Panelix’s voice echoed as she closed her eyes again. “So if you look after me, I will look after you.”

The Thraki all shrugged, then did as they were asked. After all, if the Panelix wanted a massage, who were they to deny a god such a simple request?