The Retha Emblem


The Retha Emblem
The Retha Emblem

Species name: Retha (Plural: Retha, Rethans, also known as Rethavok)

Full name: (Nitropneic) Panvrekavok Vokxenon Rethavok

Average dimensions:

Average Height: 2 – 3 m

Weight: 75 – 150kg

Description: The Retha are a varied race of beings that come in roughly four different ‘classes’. In general, they are warm-blooded bipedal beings with tough, rubbery skin and a plastic-like armour that covers their chest, groin, lower arms and lower legs. They have a large armour plate that covers their head, large, squashed eyes that point forward and upper canines that protrude from under their lips. They have long, flexible tails that can reach 4m long depending on class. Retha have either two or three fingers and a thumb, and three toes, all of which taper to a sharp, bony point, rather than having nails or claws. All Retha have a slight telepathy, enabling them to communicate silently with others nearby.

Each class has its own characteristics on top of their default traits.

Rethans are the average class, generally standing at 2.5-2.7m tall, with three fingers on each hand. They are heavily built but still rather nimble.

Hertans are similarly sized to Rethans, but are far more aggressive. Each Hertan has two fingers and a large, bony, retractable blade that extends from their forearms. Their tails are much longer, often reaching 4m long and their claws are sharper.

Ethrans are the tallest and bulkiest class, wearing heavy armour on most of their bodies and regularly standing at 3m tall, sometimes taller. Ethrans are far more docile than other Retha but far more protective over their allies.

Threans are the smallest class, rarely reaching over 2.2m tall. As well as telepathy, Threans also have telekinisis and can move objects with their minds. The most powerful Threans can lift themselves off the ground and use their telekinisis to fly.

Colouration: All Retha have greyscale skin, varying from pale grey to deep black. Armour colouring is separate and can be almost any colour, including translucent and semi-metallic. Head plates are generally a light grey with a trim that matches the rest of their armour.

Abilities: Retha are smart, powerful beings who communicate through both speech and telepathy. They can control weaker beings for short amounts of time and can alter the thoughts of others. They heal very quickly and are resilient to damage, particularly Ethran-types. Standard and Hertan-Type Retha are also very nimble and the average Retha can reach speeds of 47 km/h for up to 3 minutes at a time, or 27km/h while running over longer distances.

Threan-type Retha, while being smaller, have access to telekinisis. They can move objects with their minds, use their telekinisis to make themselves fly and create powerful shields which are difficult to break.

Temperament: Retha are social amongst each other but highly distrustful of others. They appear cold and collected until they feel threatened, upon which they’ll become more and more aggressive. When angered, they still remain collected, it is rare for a Retha to become mindless with rage.

Diet: Retha are omnivores and eat a varied diet of farmed or hunted meat, farmed root vegetables and fungi. Most of their diet comes in the form of slow-cooking stews, but during weekends, larger animals are cooked in large chunks over open flames and served with boiled or fried carbohydrates such as potatoes and pumpkin.

Life Cycle: The average Retha lives for 200 years, with Ethrans living slightly longer and Hertans and Threans living slightly less. Retha are hermaphrodite beings that raise one egg at a time. Eggs spend a month in the womb before being laid and take 4-5 months to hatch. Hatchlings are fully formed and look like miniaturised adults, although their armour takes two weeks to harden. A child is fully grown at the age of 7 and ready to reproduce at the age of 20. Most Retha spend 10 years playing in large packs before spending 5 years within the Koristo Stratos, a juvenile branch of the Retha army, where they are educated and trained. A Retha will then spend an additional 5-10 years training for their chosen occupation before starting life as an adult. Hatchlings deemed ‘worthy’ are raised separately and trained into becoming Ksa, the Retha’s equivalent of elite soldiers. What this training entails is a heavily guarded secret.

Culture: The Retha have a highly militarised culture. Every individual is a trained soldier, proficient with many types of weapon.

The Retha flag, an extension of their emblem.
The Retha flag, an extension of their emblem.

Government: The only power in the Retha is the Stratos, the Rethan army, which rules over all Retha. It is led by High General Photeianos Photeianoun, who has been democratically re-elected every 5 years for the past 150 years and protected by his personal team of Ksa, the Warriors of Light. The High General is accompanied by the Vice General, currently a young Threan General named Elkay Theanon, and seven generals who are elected every two years. For Retha, the term general applies to the leader of each legion of soldiers in the Stratos, being the highest rank, and only a general can apply to govern, as all who wish to govern must prove that they can lead their fellow Retha.

Technology: The Retha have a much higher level of technology than most, specialising in weaponry and energy production. They have created vast solar, wind and geothermal energy plants, as well as high capacity, small-sized batteries to contain the energy they produce. Military tech, genetic manipulation, resource maintenance and cryogenics are also among the Retha’s largest advances in technology.

Economy: The Retha’s advanced in mining and energy technology have allowed them to become rich and powerful, as they export a vast amount of minerals and power to other races. Their imports are minimal, mostly just exotic but not necessary goods.