Rethan Hijacking

Just as Ksiel thought he was about to finally get off this accursed planet, he just had to get stopped by a bunch of renegade Rethavok, all panting and desperate and spouting all sorts of nonsense.

Ksiel and was the last of the Skyan ambassadors to the Rethan home world, having been working from a pissy little office just south of the Thre-Sypria space port. Alongside the 20 other dignitaries that had been working in the Skyavok Embassy, Ksiel was supposed to have gone home on the first day of this stupid takeover, but there had been constant delays, mostly from the patrolling Rethavok who had been checking everyone’s paperwork nonstop, almost as if they suspected the Skyans to be doing something wrong.

Well, Ksiel HAD been doing things by the book, up until this very moment. Somehow, just as he was about to climb onto the last ship leaving Thre-Sypria this week, this strange clump of Rethavok had suddenly appeared out of thin air, one of them had collapsed, two identical Rethans were holding the collapsed Rethan up and three of them were holding Ksiel at gunpoint… well, gun-staff-point,

“Please can we come with you?”

The four Skyan guards Ksiel was with both glanced at him. They had small electric tasers and had those pointed at the three Rethans pointing gun-staffs at Ksiel. Everyone else though remained weirdly silent, not sure how to proceed and, worse, worried that they might alarm the Rethan soldiers outside the hangar.

“How about you two put those gun-staffs down, and we talk?” Ksiel suggested. He may not have particularly liked either the current Rethavok government or the previous one, but he did feel sorry for these stragglers. The previous government may have been overly strict and condescending, but at least their leaders had been democratically elected and didn’t seem to be hunting down dissenters. One of these Rethavok though, they seemed really, really familiar and Ksiel couldn’t work out why.

The Rethan that Ksiel somewhat recognized hesitated, then lowered their gun-staff slightly.

“We just want to get off this planet before… well… we do not know what will happen should they capture us.”

“Is… is whatshisface killing you?”

“He was at first. Now, we do not know. We just do not want to die.”

“You don’t want to fight or anything? Or cause any trouble? And you’re definitely not with… them?” Ksiel asked. “Because, no offense, none of us want to tangle with your new leader.”

“We just want to get out of here!” the larger, armed Rethan hissed, trying not to raise his voice in frustration.

Ksiel’s guards all hesitated, but Ksiel remained firm. “Very well. You can come with us. But you have to leave your weapons behind. If we get caught with firearms in interspace, then we’ll all be screwed. Can you do that?”

The three Rethavok immediately dropped their weapons, knocking them to one side. Two of Ksiel’s guards kicked the weapons away while the other two kept their tasers focused on them. The largest Rethan signaled for the two twins carrying the unconscious Rethan, and they shuffled towards Ksiel.

“Come on aboard!” Ksiel smiled as he moved to one side, allowing the Rethans to climb the stairs and into the ship. “Just hurry yourselves up. We don’t want to get caught here!”

The Rethavok did as they were told, followed by two of the guards. The last Rethavok, the one Ksiel recognized, bowed their head.

“Thank you.”

“No worries, mate. Just get your ass on board so we can head off and you can tell me what black magic you used to teleport like that.”

The Rethan bowed again. “Ah, well… we do not know. You will have to ask Trismit when he wakes up…”