Setting Up Punishments

Kenon had been hovering for a while, watching Kinisis work. She rarely left the safety of her inner sanctum and whenever she did, Kenon knew that strange things would happen. In this particular situation, Kinisis was busy setting up special chairs complete with different sets of leather straps on them, which was making Kenon particularly worried. But he didn’t want to disturb Kinisis because he had no idea what her intentions are.

It wasn’t until Kinisis brought in what obviously looked like a very strange machine with head attachments, all shaped in various and rather specific ways, that Kenon became so worried that he needed to speak out.

“Kinisis, what is all of this?”

The Allmaker tutted. “You know what all of this is.”

“Perhaps, but I would like you to explain what you are doing. In your own words, rather than having me guess, perhaps incorrectly.”

More tuts emanated from where Kinisis was standing. She was fiddling around with a central device that seemed to click and beep oddly.

“Kinisis, please, can you just tell me what you are doing?” Kenon asked. “You are clearly doing something rather strange and technical and you normally do not do such things, so I would like to know so I can make my own preparations and keep you safe.”

Kinisis tutted some more. “You want to know?”

“Of course, my dear.”

“Well, I’ve decided to punish our children. For a little bit.”

Kenon hesitated, then rolled his eyes. “What did they do wrong this time?”

“They don’t respect mortals. Or me.”

“Oh? How so?” Kenon enquired. “Because I am somewhat certain that Arkadin at least has a high respect for both mortals and yourself. The older kids certainly respect you, even if their respect for mortals waxes and wanes. As for Yisini, no one truly knows what goes on in her mind…”

Kinisis shook her head as she finished tinkering with the device. She disappeared off into the shadows briefly, before returning with a very large box of chains, cuffs and other items of restraint. She dumped the box in front of Kenon, hissing.

“They have all angered me. And they take liberties because they know they are gods. I think they deserve punishment in some way.”

“Even Arkadin?”

“Especially Arkadin!” Kinisis exclaimed. “He was supposed to be kept in prison for the next hundred years and he’s wandering around like he owns the place, not having learnt a damn thing!”

“What was he supposed to learn?”

“To not go on universe-threatening killing sprees!”

Kenon shrugged. “I believe he did learn that lesson. Have you not seen him working on fixing things lately and trying to make up with Yisini?”

“They got nowhere with that. The four of them are all still angry at each other and don’t work together like they should!” Kinisis snarled, preparing yet more equipment. “They should be a team, not working against each other, and they HAVE to respect mortals! I am going to change that!”

The Voidlord sighed, knowing this conversation was going nowhere. “Very well, Kinisis. Do you require my assistance in any way?”

“No…” Kinisis paused, then smiled. “Actually, yes, you can help. Go gather the kids for me. Discreetly…”

Kenon sighed, then did as he was told. The last thing he wanted was to be punished like his step-children…