Varying Disagreements

“You called?”

Arkadin wasn’t in a great mood. He had been having a good afternoon doing some actually useful stuff like repairing atmospheres and things like that, tasks that benefited mortals for a change. But no, just as he was starting to get to the fun stuff, like removing radioactive waste, someone had to summon him and ruin his day.

Kinisis on the other hand was in a strange mood that she nor anyone who knew her could explain. As soon as Arkadin saw the look on her face, he knew something was up. Kinisis has teleported Arkadin into a rather neat and tidy garden filled with large bushes, all blooming with red flowers and green thorns. Yet another place for Kinisis to hide away from the universe she had created.

“I did call you, Arkadin!” Kinisis smiled. “I like having you around! Come and sit down here with me so we can have a little chat!”

A small, ornate table with two white and gold stools popped out of thing air. On the table was a spread of food from across the universe. Despite it all smelling amazing and looking delicious, Arkadin wasn’t in the mood for eating. After all, he had just been filtering toxins from a poisoned lake. He did do as he was told though, sitting down on one of the stools. As soon as he sat down, Kinisis sat down too.

“So, uh, what do you want to talk about?” Arkadin asked as he eyed a small, iced cupcake. He wasn’t hungry, but the food was taunting him. To the point that he nearly missed Kinisis’s answer.

“I heard that you had finally decided to mingle with your siblings after being on your own for so long, only to get annoyed at them because they don’t share the same views as you.”

Arkadin grunted. “Which one of them came to you to tell you this? And frankly, I only shy away from family gatherings because, out of the last few billion years, only about a century of that time has been spent not trying to get me killed.”

“Kenon noticed. Then he informed me. Then I brought it up with you because I want to make sure you are well!” Kinisis continued to smile, despite the annoyance she had picked up in Arkadin’s voice. “Are you well?”

“I’m fine. Just busy. As always.”

“So you don’t want to talk about what you argued about?”

Arkadin shook his head, then hesitantly took the cupcake. “No, not really. Epani, Kairos, Yisini, they’re all wrong, they are all wrong about how important or relevant mortals are. Always have been. But I’m not capable of convincing them otherwise. Better to leave them with their arguments than start yet more conflict.”

“You sure about that?”


Kinisis’s smile faded slightly. Arkadin knew he’d said something that hadn’t sat right with the Allmaker.

“Do you want me to try and convince them?” Arkadin asked. “You seem like you’re not happy about what I said.”

The Allmaker’s smile quickly returned. Kinisis reached forward and patted Arkadin gently on the head. “No, you’re right, you shouldn’t have to try and convince them. But I think we do need to do… something to convince them. They need to understand things through the eyes of mortals, the same way you do. And… between you and me…”

Suddenly, Kinisis leaned forward, incredibly close to Arkadin, then pulled him closer still.

“Between you and me, I am not happy with their performance. I think your siblings need… a bit of punishment…”

Arkadin swiftly backed away, knocking over the table as he did so. “Kinisis, please, don’t be like that! Don’t punish them for their stupid opinions!”

“And why not?” Kinisis smiled as she snapped her fingers, the table in front of her immediately righting itself and a fresh supply of food appearing to replace what had fallen on the floor. “After all, they are stupid opinions, ones that deities should not have!”

“Punishments and pain never make people change their minds!” Arkadin argued, picking himself up. “You should bloody well know that!”

The Allmaker shrugged, then helped herself to some cake. “I disagree. But sometimes we need to see things through the eyes of others…”

Arkadin sighed, giving up. He’d already argued with his siblings, he didn’t want to argue with Kinisis as well. Not wanting to leave empty-handed, he took one of the new cupcakes and decided to leave. “Sorry, Kinisis. I can’t… I don’t want any part in this sort of thing. Thank you for inviting me here, but I have work to do…”

Kinisis tutted as Arkadin disappeared in one of his clouds of smoke. Maybe he needed to learn to agree as well…