Species name: Allagon

Full name: Deitic Kronospasmic Allaxialagon

Average dimensions: Varied

Description: Allagon are seemingly reptilian beings with insectoid and mammalian traits. Their default appearance appears to be upright, with either two arms and four legs, or four arms and two legs, but always six limbs in total. They have long, snaking tails, and tentacles and extra appendages are incredibly common. Their heads are unusually large, often covered in horns or spines.

Colouration: Due to their chaotic nature, the colour of an Allagon’s skin constantly shifts, although most will stick to particular colours or shades in order to aid with identification. The only part of an Allagon’s body that doesn’t shift regularly is its head, which is always split into two colours – often a black jaw and a coloured skull, but sometimes the other way round as well.

Abilities: Being Deitic creatures, Allagon have the ability to manipulate the world around them. Allagon specialize in mutations and biological manipulation, with a tendency to create new life. The life Allagon create is always soulless, lacking in intellect and not truly alive, but can be truly formidable monsters. Allagon are also known to mutate already-existing beings, often in the form of tailor-made viruses that target individuals Allagon wish to study. As well as animal life, Allagon manipulate and create plant life, often twisting it into unthinking masses and using it to create all sorts of toxins and other drugs.

Temperament: The majority of Allagon are docile, calm creatures, incredibly laid back in what they are doing, having an almost drugged demeanor. They often have little care for what they consider dumb or lower life, but are willing to open up should a being prove that they are intelligent enough to understand the Allagon and their experiments, rather than fear them. The relationship between Allagon individuals is awkward; most Allagon prefer to be alone, but should a few of them come together, they will become incredibly amorous and will often take part in large amounts of sex.

Diet: Allagon don’t require food to remain alive, but when they are hungry, they are known to consume their own weight in sugary food and drink in one sitting. Their favourite meal is honey, from almost any source, although they generally eat Glacial Honey, an ice blue honey made by a species of Allagon-engineered bee.

Life Cycle: Allagon are born from huge, black, inky pools, which are heavily guarded by huge fields of dangerous plant life called Fades. The plants there are designed to attack anything non-Allagon. The young Allagon, known as Allaspawn, will spend the first twenty years of their lives living and growing in their Fades, learning how to use their abilities. At the age of 21, Allaspawn are gathered and go through a ceremony, after which they are are deemed adults and strong enough to go and live their own lives. Most Allagon will settle down on their own, often creating homes inside large, hollowed out meteorites. The majority of Allagon will return to their Fades of birth a few times throughout their lives, to lay eggs in the black pools, reproducing either asexually or via massive, year-long orgies, depending on their mood.

Culture: Most Allagon consider themselves to be observers or experimenters, working in their own enclosed spheres or silently watching their work grow. They believe that they will one day create the perfect life form, something that will evolve to have a soul, and that the Allagon will be able to take these souls for their own.

Government: The Allagon are loosely ruled over by the Gliatsin, a set of rules put in place by the earliest Allagon, that stops them from killing or interfering with each other and their work. They don’t really have any other rules, apart from a couple of regulations set by other Deitic races, and laws set by mortal Theoktons.