Tale – Waking Up in a Weird Place

She told me my name was Iatre. I don’t think she told me the truth. I look around at my fellow inmates and they all seem to think the same. Six of them I am pretty sure are all friends but the last one, it has a look of hatred in its eyes. As if it had been deceived. It’s not evil or anything. It seems to like me. We talk a lot. But it’s angry and confused.

As for me though, I have no idea what is going on. All I remember is washing up on a beach. Unable to feel my body. The monsters, with their glowing eyes and armoured claws, picked me up and put me inside some sort of machine. After that, I remember nothing.

My body is different now. I think. I don’t even remember what I was like before they put me in that machine. I have armour. My skin is dark and rubbery. Parts of my body glow in an ever so curious way. I have a large pair of fangs. I’m honestly a little too scared to look down there and see what’s going on. It all must have happened while I was sleeping in that machine. Mind you, it was probably the best sleep I ever had. No dreams or anything, but such a deep, calming sleep. I felt so refreshed when I woke up. Then I got confused as I was brought into this cell thing alongside these other beings.

It’s not like I’ve been badly treated. The dark, alluring, big-titted reptile lady with the black, starry tentacles has been very nice to me. Lots of petting. I think maybe she thinks I am her new pet or something. Not sure. But with the constant supply of food and drink, it wouldn’t surprise me. Or maybe she’s feeding me up to eat me, but I doubt it. I mean, I’m assuming she’s the one who changed my body, because the beings that picked me up and carried me away all looked similar to how I look now.

The others, well, they have been nice to me as well. They are all brightly coloured, but the yellow one, the one obviously not part of the group, has been nicest to me. It is full of warnings. If I were to guess, I’d say it is, or was, a male being, but I can’t say for sure. It talks about its time here, that something happened, that it wasn’t sure but it was certain it was being punished or something.

The other six, I think they are related. Not to the yellow thing. I mean, we all look the same, whatever happened to me, they made me into the same thing these things are, but the other six have their own thing going on. They only talk to each other and only the strongest one, a red and green being, talks to me and the yellow guy. I am pretty sure they are couples as well. Saw two of them screwing each other. Like, properly fucking. Didn’t even care I was there. Maybe they were different beings before they ended up here.

Then again, this place is pretty large. Like a big, pink, enclosed environment. A lake in the middle and rocky cliffs around it. We have an area meant for sleeping, with bedding I am pretty sure the yellow one gathers and cleans. Actually that one seems to do most of the work around here. The big-titted lizard comes by occaisonally to check on us and every time the guy gets slapped or kicked or something. Then she flirts with me, which is really weird.

I’m hoping to get some answers soon. While the service has been nice and relaxing, I’m starting to get antsy, and the yellow guy just can’t answer my questions properly. Almost as if it’s scared to do so.

Fingers crossed I find something out. Otherwise I don’t know what I’ll do.