Birth of a new Universe

This will do.”

The Lord of Nothing sighed as it followed the warm glows of Kinisis. She was looking to create a universe, and after so much time, drifting through empty space, cold vacuums, the carcasses of other universes and an almost eternal void, Kinisis was finally ready to settle down.

Are you sure?”

I’m sure, Kenon.

The last time you said you were sure, you swiftly changed your mind.”

I cannot wait any longer, my dear…”

Very well…”

Kenon sighed once more, then snapped his long, golden claws. A field of energy surrounded Kinisis, producing vast amounts of heat. For a moment, Kinisis disappeared, only to explode into dizzying bursts of light and energy.

Around Kinisis, a new universe was being formed.

With no concern for his own well-being, the Lord of the Void stepped into the expanding universe. Everything was still incredibly hot. Already, atoms were beginning to form, the lower, simpler elements of this new universe coming together. Before long, the fundamental forces of this universe were in place, the building blocks of existence were ready to be used.

At the centre of it all, Kinisis span around happily. As the universe continued to grow, small pockets of space began to form. The universe was no longer a tightly knit, uniform blob, but slowly filling with small bits of randomness.

Kinisis continued spinning. As she did so, two beams of light started to coalesce around her, twisting and turning. One beam of light glowed red, another glowed blue. They too began to spin, until they broke off from Kinisis, shrinking down into two glowing stars. As they shrunk, they began to cool and change shape once more.

The red light formed first. A long, finned creature, reminiscent of the monsters that once lurked in the seas of long-dead universes, emerged from the dying red light.

Epani…” Kinisis smiled as Kenon reached out to the creature, gently stroking it. “Epani, my little Panelix… You will be my Goddess of Space…”

Epani gurgled, her mind slowly forming her first thoughts. She coiled around the Lord of the Void, cooing happily.

The blue light grew brighter then quickly faded. Out of it emerged a delicate, winged being, a draconic creature similar to the sky rulers of universes of the past.

Kairos…” Kinisis continued to smile. “My darling Whenvern… You will be my Dragon God of Time…”

Kairos squeaked happily and flapped his elegant wings, flying around his mother Kinisis as she slowly stopped spinning.

The basics of this new universe began to bloom. Galaxies, nebulae, stars and planets began to form in the spaces created by Epani. Kairos’s time allowed the universe to grow and develop. But despite all this beauty, the universe still felt cold and empty.

A third beam of light grew from Kinisis as she began spinning once more. A delicate, green and purple serpent-like being emerged from the light, spinning around and bouncing between both Kinisis and Kenon.

Yisini…” Kinisis smiled once more. “My glorious little Allbirther… You will be my Lady of Life, the living diversity of this universe…”

Kinisis paused, suddenly coming to a stop. As she did so, a fourth being twisted off from her body, a smaller, colder being, bathed in black and yellow. As Yisini started creating life, this being waited as that life decayed away, dying and becoming food for the living.

Arkadin…” Kinisis did not smile at first. But as she watched it work, giving an end to old life so that new life could grow, she seemed more and more pleased. “Arkadin, my dedicated Thantophor. You are my little Lord of Death, helping Yisini perpetuate my Cycle…”

Arkadin smiled back at Kinisis, then continued his work.

Kenon circled the new universe, then wandered close to Kinisis. They both remained silent, admiring their children and their handiwork.

Are you happy, Kenon?” Kinisis asked.

I am. Are you happy, Kinisis?”

Kinisis grinned. “I am. I truly am…”