The Godly Coup

“I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL OF THE BLADES, FOR THE RIGHT TO RULE OVER THE RETHAVOK!” Photeianos stood proudly in the middle of the room, branded in golden armour and studded with glistening gems. In one hand he held a long, golden sword. In the other he held a golden pistol, ready to fire. … Read more

Timeline of the Phoviverse

Approx. 14 billion years ago – Creation of the Universe, creation of Epani and Kairos. A third being exists in a non-conscious form. Approx. 13.9 billion years ago – Cooling period of the universe, first stars and nebulae are forming. Approx. 12 billion years ago – Great Uniformification – Universe becomes balanced and uniform, with … Read more

Birth of a new Universe

“This will do.” The Lord of Nothing sighed as it followed the warm glows of Kinisis. She was looking to create a universe, and after so much time, drifting through empty space, cold vacuums, the carcasses of other universes and an almost eternal void, Kinisis was finally ready to settle down. “Are you sure?” “I’m … Read more