The Feralheart Plague

The Feralheart Plague is an airborne disease which causes patients to become incredibly aggressive. It is best described as a “return to the old, primative days”. Infected beings mentally revert to a primal state, becoming purely predatory and acting as if they are normal animals. In some races, notably Bayvak, their outward appearance also changes, … Read moreThe Feralheart Plague

The Great Deitic War

The Deitic War was a war between the mortal races of the Phoviverse, primarily the Cassids, Retha, Vreka, Banikans and Thanatians, and four Deitic races – the Anexartitai, Kronospasts, Allagon and Toanex. It lasted over two years, starting on January 1st 9,998 TDR and ending on December 2nd 10,000 TDR (1-3 BC in human time … Read moreThe Great Deitic War