Timeline of the Phoviverse

Approx. 14 billion years ago – Creation of the Universe, creation of Epani and Kairos. A third being exists in a non-conscious form.

Approx. 13.9 billion years ago – Cooling period of the universe, first stars and nebulae are forming.

Approx. 12 billion years ago – Great Uniformification – Universe becomes balanced and uniform, with stars being spread somewhat evenly across it.

Approx. 11 billion years ago – Yisini, the Goddess of Life, is born. With her appearance comes the first signs of life.

Approx. 5 billion years ago – Life becomes common across the majority of the universe.

Approx. 4 billion years ago – Tension rises between Kairos, Epani and Yisini. Their arguing causes the being known as Arkidetelos, the Wolfdrake, to take true physical form.

Approx. 3.91 billion years ago – Kenon separates the three lesser deities, forbidding them from interfering with each others’ domains. Arkidetelos is trapped by Kenon and placed into stasis.

Approx. 2 billion years ago – Arkidetelos becomes Arkadin, the God of Death, gaining sapience and intelligence.

Approx. 1 billion years ago – The first intelligent races appears, known as the Deitons.

Approx. 900 million years ago – The Deitons split into several factions and begin warring among themselves.

Approx. 800 million years ago – The Anexartitai become the leading Deiton species.

Approx. 200 million years ago – The Great Speed. Evolution is kicked into high gear, with millions of intelligent races evolving all at once. Many of these races swiftly kill each other while competing for resources and territories.

Approx. 100 million yeas ago – End of the Great Speed. Only the most isolated races remain safe.

Approx. 50 million years ago – The Vohra are discovered.

Approx. 50,000 years ago – The Vohra Swarms gain interstellar technology and begin to spread across their home solar system.

Approx. 12,000 years ago – The Vohran Swarms slow down their spread after being pushed back by the Kronospasts.

Approx. 4,000 years ago – The Second Deitic Empire forms, led by the Anexartitai leader Teranos the Terrible

Approx. 2,200 years ago – The Second Deitic Empire falls apart. The Lanex, a subspecies of the Anexartitai are nearly driven to extinction, their remaining members joining the Kronospasts.

Approx. 2,000 years ago – The Great Corruption. A mysterious external force dubbed the Corruptor attacks the universe, destroying all in its wake. Trillions perish. The Corruptor is eventually defeated by Kenon and Arkadin.

Approximately 2000 years ago – Year 0 CE (Current Era)– Due to the devastation caused by the Corruptor, the three major empires agree on a truce, as well as various new universal constants. It is agreed between them to start measuring dates from the year zero of the Current Era.

301 – Races within the Maza Tetra-Systems develop interstellar technology.

404 – The Kronospast Empire is formed, ruled by the young Avra to Haou.

992 – The Threavok gain independence from the Rethavok. They rename themselves Skyavok and build their own home in an unknown location. The Rethavok ban all forms of slavery, and convince allied race the Vrekans to do the same.

1002 – The Temthan Empire begins to spread. Many Thanatophoric races are enslaved.

1899 – The Temthan Empire bans slavery. The Rethavok and Vrekans sign a treaty, making them permanent allies forever. The Thraki become independent.

1978 – Elkay Theanon is elected High General of the Rethavok, defeating Photeianos Photeianon with 54% of the vote.

1980 – The Great Deitic War begins. The Kronospast empire expands beyond control, murdering millions as they do so.

1985 – Tahnahos tou Avran, son of the Kronospast emperor Avra, betrays his kind, firing on other Kronospasts. He escapes, freeing a thousand prisoners with the assistance of Retvik Rethianos, Elksia Ksiov and Arkay Theanon. These four beings become known as the Dessaron and lead a campaign against the Kronospasts. Tahnahos tou Avran changes his name to Tenuk Theanon.

1986 – The Kronospasts start building a super weapon with the assistance of Kairos, their intentions to kill the gods of life and death in order to bring immortality to the Kronospasts and their servant races.

1987 – The Cassids defect from the Temthan Empire to the Kronospast Empire. The Temthans declare war on the Kronospasts.

1988 – In an attack that goes horribly wrong, the Allagon, a Deiton race related to the Kronospasts, are driven to extinction by Temthan defending forces. Fearing for their lives, the remaining Lanex flee and become an independent race outside the Kronospast Empire.

1989 – With the assistance of the Temthan Empire and a large array of independent races, the Dessaron succeed in destroying the Kronospast All-Ender super weapon.

1990 – The Great Deitic War ends. Suffering heavy losses, the three main empires sign a treaty to put a halt to expanding borders for 100 years.

1991 – The Dessaron Battle Arena is formed on the neutral planet of Portalia. It serves both as a violent form of entertainment and a means to settle disputes with less bloodshed. The original Dessaron write up a set of rules to keep things peaceful.

1992 – The Reth-Vrekan Union between the Rethavok and the Vrekans is formed. Within six months, two other races join the union.

1994 – The Reth-Vrekan Union defends the Thrakian homeworld from the Temthan Empire. More and more races wish to join the Union, wanting to be protected by the elite Rethavok and Vrekan forces.

2000 – The Banikans join the Reth-Vrekan Union, betraying the Temthan Empire after years of suffering. Before they do so, they destroy all the cities on the Temthan hub world of Panagia.

2001 – Tenuk Theanon and Retvik Rethianos accept positions within the Reth-Vrekan ruling body. The running of the Dessaon Battle Arena is passed down to long-time friend and ally Phovos ‘the Raptor’ Tromou.

2005 – Photeianos Photeianon and Vryplousis Richeon are elected as leaders of the Reth-Vrekan Union after Ver Verlainon is taken ill and Elkay Theanon is believed to be killed.

2016 – Levik tou Avran, son of Avra of the Kronospasts, defects to the Vohran Swarms. Elkay Theanon reappears, with proof that the current High Generals attempted to have him and Ver Verlainon murdered.

2017 – Elkay Theanon and Ver Verlainon are elected as leaders of the Reth-Vrekan Union once more. Days later, Arkay of the Dessaron is killed in mysterious circumstances.

2019 – After nearly triggering a universe-damaging change in the Thantophor, causing the disappearance and deaths of several mortal leaders and creating political turmoil, the other Phoviverse deities put aside their differences and agree to leave Arkadin alone, isolating the god of death and renewing their work on creating eternal life.

Early 2020 – Kenon stages a coup, overthrowing the democratically elected leaders of the Rethavok, and claims the race as his own. After breaking a myriad of promises, Kenon threatens the Thantophor, who retaliates, nearly killing the Void Lord. Arkadin is imprisoned for his actions, stripped of his consciousness and sealed away inside the centre of the universe.

2020 – Kinisis begins to experiment with the fabric of the Phoviverse itself. Abusing the power of the comatose Thantophor, she forces the Phoviverse to begin expanding, altering and later damaging the universal walls that contain the Phoviverse.

Time Unknown – The expanding of the Phoviverse causes it to fracture into smaller sub-universes. In order to deal with the strain and protect the universe from outside attacks, Kinisis gives the three deities and the Void Lord Kenon a sub-universe each to maintain, and also gives all of the deities the ability to create new gods by channeling Kinisis’s own Life Goddess power.

Time Unknown (future) – Kinisis vanishes and the universal walls of the Phoviverse collapse. The Phoviverse merges with what is known as the Periuniversal Void, the endless space between all universes.

Year 0, NCE – After a massive war between the Corruption and the Voidborns, an unknown number of beings are left dead, and new groups of peri-universal beings form. The Thantir, a group of Decay Lords, who had been working alongside the Voidborns in order to quell the Corruption uprising, settles down in a small part of the Phoviverse district of the Periuniversal Void. A vague attempt at chronicling is created, and the year is marked Year Zero, New Creative Era.

Year 2020, NCE – A part of the original Phoviverse is discovered, completely intact. The Thantir send out a team to discover more about this curious artifact.