Little Kinisis Questions

“Hey, Kinisis, are you busy right now?” Arkadin asked as he peered over the windowsill and into the large, pristine, light pink and lilac kitchen.

The Allmaker shrugged. She had just been kneading bread and was now washing the flour off her hands in the sink. Somehow, the only flour around was on the freshly kneaded bread, there was none on the counter or the floor where Kinisis had been working.

“Not really, what’s wrong? Want to desperately talk about your sexual desires but finding yourself unable to even say the word “vagina” again?”

Arkadin closed his eyes, tutting. “Alright fine, I’ll just bugger off then and sort out my problems on my own, as usual!” He climbed off the windowsill and started heading off, only for Kinisis to place a hand (attached to a very long arm) on his shoulder.

“I was joking.”

“Well your joke cuts deep. Far, far too deep…” Arkadin sighed, shrugging off Kinisis’s hand. Her hand fell limp on the ground, only to awkwardly be dragged away as Kinisis pulled her arm back and returned to more reasonable proportions.

“Your desires to have a-”

“KINISIS!” Arkadin suddenly shouted, knowing that the Allmaker was in his mind and reading the confused thoughts he was having. “Can you fucking NOT?”

Kinisis shrugged. “Sorry. But you do need to work on that. It’s unhealthy.”

“Coming from the partner of the guy who said I wasn’t allowed to have happy or romantic emotions for the last 14 billion years…” Arkadin shook his head, trying to focus on the reason why he came here. “That’s not important. What’s important is that I want to know what you’re doing with these so-called Kiniseon beings that you’re suddenly bringing back.”

The Allmaker glanced left and right, then shrugged again. “I’m not suddenly bringing them back.”

“You are making my friends into Kiniseons.”

Kinisis blinked at Arkadin. “You have friends?”

“I do have friends. Just because we are not glued to one another, doesn’t mean I don’t have friends.”

“You hardly visit them though.”

Arkadin paused. “Well… I’m busy… what with being a death god and all that.”

“Really now?” Kinisis crossed her arms. “You’re so busy you can’t pop out occasionally?”

“Kinisis…” Arkadin sighed, crossing his arms too. “I know I am an atrocity when it comes to socializing but can you please stop? It’s this sort of constant abuse that makes me want to turn into an atrocity against this whole universe.”

“What?” Kinisis furrowed her brow, then swished away some of her flaming, star-speckled hair. “Was that a threat?”

Arkadin gave in, sitting down in the tall, weirdly lilac grass and sulking. “No, it’s not a threat. Please don’t rip my teeth out again.”

The Allmaker watched her little death god pouting, then sighed to herself and sat down next to him.

“Sorry, dear. That was mean of me.”

“And you all wonder why I am so all over the place…”

Kinisis frowned, then hesitantly put an arm around Arkadin again. This time though, he didn’t fight back, he just remained where he was, muttering to himself. Kinisis didn’t say anything and instead listened to what Arkadin was saying under his breath. Not a single kind word, and all of it directed at himself.

“I was just blessing your friends because I don’t want them all to die so soon. I can’t do it for everyone, but… I can make a couple special, just for you.”

Arkadin hesitated, not really sure how to react. “Uh… thank you… I appreciate that…”

With a smile, Kinisis patted Arkadin on the head, then got up and started heading back to the kitchen, via the windowsill. “No worries, kiddo. You still going to pop by the weekend before Macromera?”

Arkadin sighed, the nodded. “Yeah. I’ll be there…”

“Great! Don’t forget to bring some cakes!” Kinisis beamed as she disappeared. “See ya!”