Fan Tale – Out of Body Experience

Volt’s Operator had been incredibly quiet since their trip to the Kuva Fortress. Volt knew that he and the Operator were separate beings, but something after that rather lengthy mission had disturbed the Operator. Something Volt was unaware of, since Loki was the warframe the Operator had chosen, not Volt. It wasn’t like they didn’t know that Operator and Warframe were separate beings, after all, Volt had broken the sword that contained Hunhow, saving the Operator from the Stalker. Volt did that. Not the Lotus, not Ordis, not the stupid fish in the bio-organic functions room. Either way, nothing new had happened since that mission. No new abilities, nothing like that, as far as Volt was aware.

On the plus side, Volt’s Operator remaining quiet was a boon on missions. Despite suddenly having the ability to talk since their Second Dream, the Operator had quickly run out of things to say. They’d muttered on one mission how hypocritical they felt, and hadn’t said anything since. That meant that Volt could just concentrate on getting out of each mission in one piece.

Today though was different.

“We need Kuva…” the Operator mumbled to itself.

“Kuva?” Volt wondered.

“You weren’t there. Loki knows. But I’ll show you. Got to do a Kuva Siphon mission.”

Volt jumped with glee. A new mission type? Very interesting. The Operator got Volt to pick up his standard weapons, an Ignis, a Sonicor and an Orthos, then they headed to E Prime, where apparently there was a Kuva Siphon mission going on.

As they landed though, Volt noticed that it just seemed to be a normal Exterminate mission. The enemies were level 25 instead of level 1 but he still had to kill things.

That was, until the Lotus interrupted. Followed by… Who the fuck was that?

“Damn Grineer Queen…” the Operator mumbled, as other Tenno joined the mission. “Got to stop them getting the Kuva…”

“What Kuva?” Volt asked as they leaped away from a very fat Grineer who clearly was not taking any damage. One of the other Tenno landed in front of them. A Loki. They used their Radial Disarm then disappeared off somewhere.

“That Kuva.”

“Where- WHAT THE-” Volt tried to think of some sort of curse word that was adequate of the situation, but nothing came to mind. In fact, nothing was moving. His whole body was frozen. Running around in front of him was the Operator, who was trying to jump to a black and red cloud.

“WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE LOTUS ARE YOU DOING?” Volt wanted to shout, but with the Operator physically outside his body, all he could do was say it with his warframe systems and hope the Operator could hear him.

“Calm down. I’m collecting Kuv-ooph!”

A fat Grineer thwacked at the Operator, knocking them down. The Operator did a sort of strange teleport to safety, then disappeared. Suddenly, Volt could move again.

“What was that?” Volt wanted to scream.

“Tramsferance,” the Operator tutted. “Because only I can disperse Kuva clouds before they reach the siphons.”

Onc again, the Operator jumped out, running towards another Kuva cloud. In the distance, a Frost had erected a snowglobe around the Kuva Siphon the Grineer were protecting. The Loki though was in the same situation as Volt, stuck motionless while their Operator jumped though clouds of stuff. They were going to get themselves killed.

“Operator! Get the hell back here!” Volt fumed as another fat Grineer took a swipe at them. “You have a purpose-made ninja warrior in your control willing to do your every command and you are running around out here!”

“In a seco- OW!”

This time, the fat Grineer’s attacks landed. But rather than the Operator dying, Volt found himself able to move again. Except now he had less health. And now the fat Grineer was aiming at him.

Behind them, something exploded. The Kuva Siphon had been destroyed. Not sure what to do, the fat Grineer decided to get away while she still could. Volt paused, then shot and killed a Grineer straggler. The Operator was controlling him properly now.

Satisfied, the Lotus instructed the Tenno to head to extraction. As they returned to the Orbiter though, Volt felt… almost angry.

“Operator, what was that?”

“Transferance…” the Operator sighed. “Like I said earlier.”

“You could have died.”

“I was fine.”

“Transferance is stupid.”

The Operator sighed, loud enough that Volt could hear them from the back room.

“How comes bio-mechanical space suits with magical powers can’t collect red things, but you can, Operator?” Ordis interrupted. “Who could think of something so silly?”

“I wish I knew…” the Operator sighed. “I wish I knew…”