Report to Vice General Elkay by Thitavee-En

Report to Vice General Elkay Theanon, on the current status of High General Photeianos Photeianou

Date: 04/09/16

Dear Ser,

As you requested, this letter comes attached with a document containing the information you wished to learn about High General Photeianos. It is sealed with a passcode attached, for your eyes only.

Firstly, I must apologise for the injuries that your Ksa Psiksi Theanon sustained during our brief mission together. I severely underestimated how other N-Class Ksa would react to the presence of the former Ξ-Class Ksa, and did not believe that they would attack both of us at all, let alone on sight. Never before have I seen anything like the way my fellow N-Class brethren acted and I am truly ashamed to be a part of their Class. I hope that Psiksi recovers quickly, I believe the majority of his injuries are minor external ones, but I am unaware of the extent of the High General’s abilities, so he will need multiple mind-screenings before being fit for duty again.

Secondly, regarding the information I gave you, please, please make sure that you use it correctly. Such sensitive information could ruin both your life and that of the High General. This information is incredibly volatile and explains the long life of the High General, but more importantly, how he maintains his youth. Although you were unaware of the process he goes through, enemies may try and use your lack of knowledge against you, or even claim you were ignorant. Whether you decide to reveal the truth or cover everything up, that is your choice, but I hope you use this information as safely as possible.

Thirdly, I must warn you of any future actions you may take against the High General. You are a smart Rethan and a friend to the High general, but I fear Photeianos may turn against you. He has turned against us N-Class Ksa before. While personally I would remove the High General from power, you must plan accordingly. He is strong, both physically and mentally, but he also always has the population with him. You do not. I do not want something to happen to you.

Finally, I must make amends. Because of my recent actions, I believe that I am no longer suitable to be working not only as an N-Class Ksa but as a Ksa of any type. My recent actions have not only betrayed the trust of my guard target, the High General, but I have always prided myself on doing what is best in the name of the Retha. I clearly did not do that when I denied your simple requests for information, so you could do the same. On top of my actions and inaction causing injury to Psiksi, and how I have… enabled Photeianos to do what he has done, I feel my time is up.

Therefore, I have decided that I must resign from my duty as an N-Class Ksa, and will allow myself to be stripped of Ksa status. I am clearly not worthy of my position and must cease and desist before I cause any more harm.

I hope that you accept my resignation, and that you wisely use the information I have provided.

My many thanks, my many apologies,

Thitavee-En Photeianos

Notice: Resignation denied due to unknown reasons