Tale – Bad Dreams Standing

Something horrible woke Kayel up from his sleep. He hadn’t even been aware that he’d fallen asleep in the first place, so this was doubly shocking to him. One of the Thraki by his side hadn’t even noticed that he’d fallen asleep either.

“Are you well, Unlahney?” one Thraki asked

“Why do we call him that? His name is Kayel?” the Thraki who had not noticed Kayel fall asleep suddenly butted in, as if they’d just remembered he was there.

“Because he died and came back to life. Multiple times!” the other Thraki hissed. “I have told you this before.”

Kayel shook his head, trying to shake away his nightmares, while keeping himself away from the high ledge. Below him, the rest of the L-Class were floating in a pool of pale pink water. This was supposed to be the final part of their nonsensical trials before they’d be blessed and allowed to learn and practice magic, and it was the longest and most tedious part. Kayel had had to go back to their home to pick up some medication and battery packs for Veeyel because his three day supply had run out, that’s how long it was taking. Did it take this long for him?

“Unlahney. I am talking to you.”

Again, Kayel shook his head. That nightmare would not fade. “I’m sorry, you were talking to me? I was… lost in thought.”

“We noticed,” the larger of the Thraki asked. “Well, at least I did. There is something troubling you.”

Kayel shrugged, not sure how to answer. “I have had a hard few days, and am not receiving the nice sleep they are.”

“Do you need to be purified too?” the smaller, unobservant Thraki twirled around, its orange and black scales glittering in the starlight. “You could go have a bath when they’re done. I was planning on having a quick paddle myself.”

“I… I don’t know…” Again, Kayel’s mind drifted back to the dream. The details were beginning to fade away. A time in the future. Half a millennium away. He’d been captured. Chained up. Used and abused. Stuck full of needles. Then he’d been abandoned, so far away from everything he knew and loved. But then… someone saved him. He couldn’t recall who though. Either way, it was a horrific, almost physically painful dream. He didn’t want to think about it.

“Unlahney, you are obviously disturbed. Are you down with a sickness of some sort? Are you worn out and weary?” The larger Thraki was obviously concerned. Kayel felt bad, since he didn’t know either of their names. They had come here to bathe and they had to wait because of his friends.

“No… I think I am fine,” Kayel finally answered.

Below them, the pale pink pool slowly rippled, those floating in it slowly waking up from their sleep.

“The Pool of the Lady, it is a beautiful sight,” the larger Thraki sighed. “I would spend many a day just drifting, if I could.”

The younger Thraki nodded in agreement. “I would too. But we have things to do. Spells to cast, things to eat. Nightmares to wake up from.”

Kayel rolled his eyes. “I am not going to get away from my painful sleep, am I?”

“Not when there is something prophetic about your dreams, Undead One,” the large Thraki tutted. “Do your dreams become real on a regular basis, or is this a one off?”

“Wait, are you suggesting that… what happened in that dream will become real?” Kayel stepped back, feeling panicked. “Because if you are, that’s not funny. I am pretty sure that bad dream was just that – a dream!”

“Pretty sure…” the large Thraki smiled. “Not completely though.”

Kayel growled, then stormed off. His friends were going to wake up soon. There were better things to worry about.

The small Thraki stared at the big one.

“Why did you have to be such a cunt to him? Kayel’s important, you know!”

“Because sometimes one needs to be rudely woken up to realise their potential.”

The young Thraki rolled its eyes. “You’re talking about the Unlahney, we all know his potential!”

“Still, he has a long way to go,” the black and orange Thraki sighed. “A few bad dreams will keep him on track.”