Diary on the Star Soarer 12


The lights are out.

There are emergency lights on the ground, and communications are still working on and off, but there’s power outages everywhere. This stuff isn’t supposed to happen. We’re highly evolved beings with highly evolved technology, yet here I am, hiding in my room with no damn food, no lights and only a flashing news feed. Because the social communication networks have been turned off. Because some idiot decided that would be a good idea.

I suppose it’s a good thing I didn’t get around to making many friends. We’re looking at over three hundred dead now. The people in charge don’t even tell us any more but I’ve been trying to keep count with my scanner. They’re scrambling the channels though. They don’t want people knowing how fucked up this is and causing everyone to panic.

Really I think they’re making all of this worse. Yeah, keeping people in the dark, literally, that won’t stop us all from panicking! Earlier, when I had communications with Eftyin, he was in terrified, and Ennean was in hysterics! Okay, Ennean turned out to be okay, just a little hurt, but she apparently saw two Septa get killed right in front of her and she’s bloody traumatised! I’d be traumatised! And because the medical wards are working at maximum, they just gave her a cup of hot chocolate and sent her back to her room.

But still, no one who is actually driving the ship has been killed yet. There was some Cassian back up captain who was killed but they were only part of the backups so no one cared. Plus there were some really nasty rumours about him, but I think I’m above spreading rumours about the dead. They’re dead, it’s over.

As for me, I’m at a loss what to do. I’ve heard mumblings, whenever the social comms work, that there’s a larger gathering of people in the cinemas. Humans, Septa and Raptai. No Cassians. They don’t like our cinemas only. Apparently our 60 FPS movies are too slow for them. But the idea is to stick around in the one place the creature hasn’t killed anyone. It was seen in the Cassian cinema once, but it’s mostly avoided that area. There’s more food there, and there has to be safety in numbers, right?

The problem is though, I’ve got to actually get there. And it’s a ten minute run from here to the recreational areas. Even longer if I slowly sneak my way there and pray that the creature doesn’t see me or think I’m in its way.

But this creature makes no sense. It doesn’t seem to have an agenda. Even before my scanner got jammed, no one could work out what the creature was doing. No one has found a nest, no one has found a resting place, or anywhere that the creature sleeps. It just kills people. Okay, it seemed to target the rich and powerful mostly, but there’s been plenty of normal people killed as well.

I mean, it’s a monster. Monsters don’t have patterns or anything. But monsters do things for a reason. And this one has no reasons…

I don’t know.

I’m going to wait until tomorrow. That’s when my food runs out and I’ll need to go out and get some more. I’ll see if I can work out some sort of plan. Maybe work out a safe route. My continued existence is at stake here, and I really, really don’t want to end up dead. Either way, I’m going to write down a will or something. Get my affairs in order at least.

What else can I do?

See you tomorrow.