Diary on the Star Soarer 7


Dear Diary,

After a day of constant inspections and checking rooms and being herded around like cattle, everything seems to have calmed down a bit. Just a bit. There’s still that hint of panic everywhere you go, but at least it’s just whispers and not people panicking out in the open.

But yesterday was so chaotic. There were police everywhere. Not just normal, living and breathing enforcers, they brought out all the robot police as well. Going from your room to the food court meant getting stopped three times at checkpoints and explaining where you had to go. Meant no one could get anything done at a reasonable pace. Everyone was late to breakfast, everyone was late getting to their posts, everyone was late getting to lunch and dinner… and so on.

Somehow, even with the room searches, they seemed to leave my sector alone, but it was still tedious and annoying and stressful.

Well, the normal people. I think all the rich people just spent their day locked up in their super private super fancy quarters. The higher ups all seem to think that whatever is killing people is targeting the rich and ignoring the poor. Which makes no sense because the communications engineer who died wasn’t a rich person and we know exactly what killed him.

The crazy thing is that people are saying that all these deaths are related. Okay, the stupid rich woman’s death yesterday was messy and bad but the poor engineer’s death was clearly an accident. The Cassid doctor who had seen him turned over his medical license out of sadness and shame, but it wasn’t the doctor’s fault if the guy hadn’t told him about allergies. That was all cleared up.

Still, I think some people are glad about Miss Larissa’s death. The Raptai didn’t seem to like her at all. Something about accusations of corruption. Luckily, people’s hatred of her wasn’t enough to screw over the investigations. Apparently they’re going to incinerate the body tomorrow, in case it’s contaminated with anything, even though no one has found any clues as to what happened.

On the plus side, today has been a lot better. Everyone on the ship was given the day off. At least, the people who could take time off. I still had to do 3 hours of work, but that’s fine. I appreciate the time off, considering how stressful everything has been.

I decided to spend most of my day in the cinemas. There’s not much else a cleaner like me has access to without shelling out money, so to the cinemas I went. Some jokester thought it would be a good idea to play one of those old 2d movies, a film about people on a space ship being attacked and brutally killed by an alien creature. I guess it was pretty funny, but my new Septa friends Eftyin and Ennea didn’t appreciate it.

I know I’ve been complaining a bit here, but really, I have it easy. I’m an independent white, female human. Yeah, I’ve hit hard times, but it’s nothing compared to the Septa. Everyone on the ship suddenly hates them. There are even some people, higher up rich humans and Cassians mostly, who think that the Septa’s religious antics are what caused these deaths!

That’s silly. Anyone with even the slightest bit of sense knows that the Seven Divine Praises ritual is to convince their death god that they are worth keeping alive and should be allowed to live for longer, not to get people killed. It’s like these people never went to school! Racists.

Then again, there’s an equally silly opinion going around that us interrupting their ritual is what is causing these deaths. But that’s dumb. Gods don’t have personal vendettas. Otherwise the gods us humans have believed in over the millennia would have destroyed us a billion times over already.

But things are definitely calming down now. Fingers crossed that no one else dies in a mysterious way.

See you tomorrow.