Diary on the Star Soarer 8


Dear Diary,

So much for things calming down.

It’s all gotten worse.

No one’s allowed out of their rooms right now.

Three people dead.

All brutally murdered!

Blood everywhere.

Like something went through them. Like they were in the way of some horrible monster and, rather than going around them, it went through their bodies and out the other side. Then it got annoyed at them and went back for more.

It’s horrible. Terrifying. And no one knows what is doing all this!

And it definitely can’t be the Septa. They were all in their ritual room doing their thing! None of them were nearby when they all died. One at a time. There’s people saying the Septa ordered their deaths and shit like that but they can’t do that. They do their weird ritual to convince their god not to kill people!

What also makes this weird is who died. Three people. Two of which are up top rich people. One rich human, one rich Cassian, one poor Cassian. There’s rumours that the second, poor Cassian wasn’t that noble either. One of the Raptai who is friends with Eftyin said that the Cassian had been accused of rape but never went on trial because the victim withdrew the claim because of death threats. Heck, the Raptai are starting to believe that all the victims are ‘sinners’ or are ‘evil or something’.

That goes against all the Septa stuff. Really, they’re kinda like overly religious humans. They ask forgiveness for their sins. For us, it’s so people get to go to heaven and don’t get sent to hell to burn for eternity, for them it’s so they can stay alive a bit longer. Plus, killing is a sin for pretty much everyone here. Criminals and corruption aside, you’re not allowed on a ship if you’ve ever been related to someone’s death. No manslaughter, no murder, nothing.

It’s all so scary.

But the scariest thing is that, at least according to my scanner, the police caught one of the deaths on film. They saw it!

I don’t know anything more about it though. The second my scanner picked it up, the communications changed frequency, to the police one that no one cares eavesdrop on. I mean, I can get away with this stuff because pretty much everything gets recorded. There’s lines in the contracts that we sign that say we can’t sue for being recorded and anything like that, but in particular it’s open-ended, meaning anyone can record you…

Thinking about it, there’s probably a ton of people who know about my scanner and my diary. Then again, they already have scanners and all that for everyone.

Still, there’s video. Maybe the police can find out what’s doing this for real.

Hell… must be awful having to re-watch those videos. Bad enough someone sent images around… Weird how people can do that. I’m pretty sure it was a Cassian. They tend to do that a lot…

In the mean time, I don’t know what to do. Everyone’s locked in their rooms. There’s really no better place for us all to be. I’m so glad though that I brought tons of food in here after yesterday’s time off. This happened just before my lunch break, and like an idiot, I skipped breakfast. Food keeps me calm. Maybe I’ll put some music on to calm myself down. Like the police said, keeping calm is the best thing we can do. When I get the chance though, I might look at… I don’t know, something defensive. I know it’s like a one in just under a thousand chance of dying, but still, just in case.

I’m not going to say anything about hoping for things to happen. The opposite always seems to happen.

See you tomorrow.