Diary on the Star Soarer 9


Dear Diary,

I saw it.

I saw the monster.

I saw something that was not supposed to be there.

It was only for a moment. I saw it outside my room. It skulked by. Like some sort of feral animal, hunched back, on all fours. A shadowy creature. Almost literally made of shadows. Small thing. It was long and wispy but it wasn’t very tall. Silent though. Didn’t make a sound. As if it was floating above the ground but walking anyway. It looked like its chest was going up and down but I couldn’t hear any breathing. As if it was mimicking the living.

It was just walking by as I happened to peer through my door viewer – the little cameras we have so we can see who’s outside before we let people in. I’d heard a noise, some sort of muffled thing, that was why I looked. I didn’t expect to see a monster.

The creature though, I don’t know if it knew I was there. It definitely looked at me, as if it was looking through glass. Maybe it was looking at everyone? How did it even know I was there? Maybe it heard me? It could hear me moving? It knew I could see it? I squeaked a little when I saw it. I was scared. Others may have seen it too. These walls aren’t that thin. You can hear things going on. You can see things too.

It didn’t stick around though. It glanced around a bit then it picked up its pace and disappeared around a corner.

No, of course I didn’t go and follow it! That would be suicide! I’m not an idiot, I’m not chasing after a monster that did what it did to those people. There have been three more deaths today alone! All the same sort of thing. Two of them were considered bad but one of them was apparently a perfectly nice Septa. Not even being a good person will save us now.

Instead, I did the smart thing.

I waited for a bit.

Five minutes. Making sure it was definitely gone. I was going to report it, but I heard the sound of people running past outside. The police had clearly seen it or they’d gotten reports or something and were going after it.

I didn’t really want to know any more. I was panicking a lot at first. Didn’t hear any weaponry or any shouting or anything like that, but why would I? That creature was silent. That silence was haunting me. It was like part of my brain was convinced the creature was still there, or that it would come back or something.

Luckily, this nice Raptai came by and was knocking on everyone’s doors to see if we were all okay. I told her what happened. Her name is Lasy. She brought with her a little tray of sweet snack things. Apparently she’s a therapist and that’s why she was around, to calm people down. I suppose it’s a good idea. It definitely helped me a bit.

But the talking helped the most. I asked her questions. She doesn’t know everything but she knows that this monster was just going up and down dormitory hallways. As if it was looking for something. The worst thing Lasy said though was that it only attacks beings who get in its way. What that means, I don’t understand. I mean, if I saw it coming towards me, I’d leap out of the way probably, but would it attack me anyway?

And it’s just roaming the hallways, looking for something?

Lasy did her best to calm me down, and I appreciated the snacks, but I… I’m still scared.

It looked at me. Directly at me. That terrifies me.

I hope that fades. It’s going to be hard to get anything done when I can see its blank face, its bright, glowing eyes, looking at me like that.

Maybe I’ll try sleep. I don’t know.

See you tomorrow.

Assuming that thing doesn’t come back.