Psivee-En’s Explanation

Psivee-En stood in the centre of the room. Around him were half the L-Class Ksa, all staring at him, all judging him. Apart from Kayel, they all saw him as a monster.

“You want me to spill my guts, yes? To tell you everything?”

“Not everything,” Veeyel growled. Out of all of them, Psivee-En considered Veeyel the most threatening. He may have been disabled, but he was Kayel’s best friend and he was just as insane as Psivee-En was. If anyone was going to get angry and attack him, Psivee-En was certain it would be Veeyel. “Just tell us why we should trust you.”

“You probably would not trust me even if I did.”

“Nah,” Zitel butted in. He was Psivee-En’s second choice of who was least sane here. “There’s probably enough words in that head of yours to convince us. Just need to pick the right ones.”

Psivee-En sighed. “Well, I do not know where to start. Kayel and I have discussed the more… delicate natures of our relationship. We both agree that he has saved me. I was once a feral beast, but now I stand before you, tamed, domesticated.”

“What about all the times before then?” Ksiel asked. “You were frozen for thousands of years, being thawed once every century, just to make sure you were still suffering. Everyone calls you the Defiler, the Bringer of Doom, the Terror of the Trehans. Care to explain that?”

Rather than look annoyed or angry, Psivee-En simply shrugged. “Of course the Rethans would call me that. The Rethans won the war. They can brand me any label they want. After all, it is the victor that writes history, not the loser. And there are no more Trehavok here to stand by my side and tell you about the lives I saved and the battles I won before I was captured.”

Thitel glanced at Ksiel. “He… kinda has a point.”

Ksiel though just grunted. “Well of course he does. But he’s still coming from a sub-species of Rethans who wanted to worship shadows and use kids in sacrificial rituals…”

“Actually,” Psivee-En interrupted. “That was propaganda. I can understand why you would believe that though, Ksiel. You were never taught otherwise. Even more so, perhaps, as you are Ksa and thus brainwashed into being almost enslaved by the Rethans. Us Trehavok, we never used kids in anything. It is hypocritical to suggest that I was involved in sacrificing children when you have served as Ksa since you were younglings, and made my own child serve as a Ksa from the age of two.”

Again, Thitel glanced at Ksiel. “Honestly he is still making lots of good points.”

“Yeah, but Kayel hasn’t said anything.”

“If I did, you’d accuse me of being biased, so I’m staying silent,” Kayel explained. “He’s already done this with me. I believe Psivee-En. We’ve made amends and put our past behind us.”

“So why are we doing this?” Zitel was confused. “I thought you were having second thoughts or something? Alright, what happened back then was horrible, but it wasn’t something I was involved with, or any of us apart from Kayel.”

“I just want to know why Psivee-En’s helping us,” Ksiel shrugged. “Sure, we could find another Ksa to take his place, but he’s already, like, physically perfect, even if you’re a cunt. No offense. But why are you here?”

Psivee-En hesitated. “To tell you the truth… I have always admired you L-Class Ksa. Everyvok treats you poorly. So here you are, making yourselves better. But mainly, I owe Kayel my life, so I offered my assistance. If your ritual… makes us all the same, then that would just be… pretty icing on a cake.”

“So you just want a chance to bring the Trehavok back?” Veeyel growled.

“That is what I truly want, but that is an impossible dream. I am the last Trehavok, and not even a full-blooded one. There is… no one else…” Psivee-En paused, then rubbed his eyes. The fact that he was the last Trehavok ever normally didn’t bother him, but for some reason, standing in between a family that loved and cared for each other, the loneliness had caught up to him. “Every other Trehan is dead… And I couldn’t do anything to stop them from dying…”

Psivee-En fell to his knees, suddenly overcome with emotion. Kayel rushed to his side to comfort him.

“I… I think we all forget that he’s suffered in his own ways…” Veeyel sighed. There was a guilty undertone to his voice. The others all nodded in agreement as they all headed over to Pisvee-En, helping him to his feet. “Maybe we were wrong to judge you so harshly, after Kayel forgave you…”

“Maybe you need a… family too…” Ksiel added. “After all, no one should be alone forever.”

“Thank you…” Psivee-En whispered, wiping tears from his eyes. “Thank you…”