Last Day of the Holiday


Psiksi almost screamed as Kass pulled the blankets off him. After a brief struggle, Psiksi grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around him.



Kass shrugged, then pulled the blanket off him, only for Psiksi to grab the blanket and wrap himself up again. Knowing he wouldn’t win, Kass then got as many blankets as possible and threw them at Psiksi.

“It’s not cold.”

“It iiiiiiis!” Psiksi screeched. “I’m all wrapped up and cosy! It’s so niiiice. It’s not nice when you pull the covers off and make me cold. Especially when you’ve been in a warm bed for… How long have we been asleep?”

“It’s10 in the morning,” Kass smiled. “You asked me to wake you up round about now.”

“Oh. Darn.” Psiksi sighed, kicked a blanket off him, then instantly regretted it and wrapped himself back up. “Are we still on holiday?”

“Yes. It’s tomorrow we both go back to work.”

“Piss!” Psiksi shouted. “I don’t wanna! This week’s been awesome! I don’t wanna go back to worrrrrrk!”

“I know,” Kass grumbled. Suddenly, he jumped onto Psiksi and wriggled under the blankets with him. “You’re right. It’s nice under here.”

“Told you!” Psiksi’s mood brightened up as he snuggled up next to Kass, using his body to warm up Kass’s cold parts. “Holy fuck, where have you been? You’re fucking freezing!”

“I was taking out the rubbish,” Kass explained. “It’s actually slightly nippy out there. There’s a storm comi-”

Before Kass could finish his sentence, something flashed outside, swiftly followed by a low, rumbling boom.

“You mean there’s a storm already here?” Psiksi smirked, pulling Kass closer. “Stay here in bed. We’ll just snuggle. And maybe… go a little further…”

Kass though seemed to have other ideas, his mood abruptly changing. He wriggled out of Psiksi’s grip and clawed his way out of the sheets.

“Sorry, but I don’t really want to spend my last day of the holiday in bed,” he sighed as he pulled a wrap around his stomach, covering himself up. “It just feels like a waste. We can sleep in whenever we want. But with the rain and the storm outside, there’s nowhere really to go either. I wanted to go down to the river or something, go outside, you know?”

Psiksi hesitated, then awkwardly climbed out of bed, slithering out and falling onto a pile of blankets. Kass couldn’t help at giggle at his silliness.

“I get it,” Psiksi smiled. “But it’s not like this is our last holiday ever!”

Kass huffed, sighing loudly. “But it might be our last holiday together…”

The young Rethan stared at Kass, not sure what he was on about. So he decided to ask. “Uh, what?”

“I’m scared I might do something and fuck up and you’ll leave me…” Kass seemed rather tearful. “I’m really scared. Most relationships I have, they generally have fallen apart by now.”

“Where has all this come from?” Psiksi asked. “You were fine literally a few seconds ago.”

“I don’t know…” Kass sat down on the bed. Psiksi sat down beside him and held him tight. “Maybe it’s because I’m sad the holiday’s over. Maybe it’s because it’s rainy and horrible outside. Maybe it’s because I was reading the news before you woke up and some poor fucker got struck by lightning last night and died. And that reminded me of those who aren’t with us any more…”

Psiksi frowned, then wrapped his arms even tighter around Kass. “I’m sorry you feel like that…”

With a sigh and a shake of his head, Kass hugged Psiksi. Something rumbled, but it wasn’t thunder.

“Was that your stomach?” Kass blinked.

Psiksi let go and looked down, giggling. “Maybe.”

“You hungry?”

“Always. Shall we put this behind us and go and eat all the left over junk food before we go back to our diets tomorrow?”

Kass’s smile returned as he pulled Psiksi close. “Sure. But let’s hug a bit more first…”