Recap with Kinisis

Tahnahos wasn’t expecting a hug from anyone, especially not Kinisis herself. While all of Kinisis’s other Guardians were their normal, quiet selves, Kinisis seemed genuinely happy and excited to see Tahnahos. “I want to know everything!” Kinisis bounced delightfully as she led Tahnahos to the nearest soft seating area. Phovos hovered somewhat nervously by her … Read more Recap with Kinisis

Destiny Applications

Arkay grunted as he moved sheets of paper across the table. Considering he had recently blown up a Voidborn fortress, everyone seemed to be treating him rather calmly. Sure, they weren’t being the friendliest of beings, but they were understanding at least. Arkay however couldn’t say the same about himself. Over the last few weeks, … Read more Destiny Applications

Admission to Friends

The little Thantir ship seemed a little too bright, brighter than Arkay remembered. He blinked erratically as he pulled himself up through the small hatch and closed it behind him, only to be immediately greeted by Retvik. “Arkay, what is going on? You were gone for a very long time! The Voidborns discovered me and … Read more Admission to Friends

Hole into the Darkness

“Well that was easy!” Elksia whispered as the tiny Thantir ship latched on to one of the large, crystalline spikes of the Voidborn stronghold. “Didn’t notice us at all!” “If you say so, Elksia…” Arkay was almost breathless as he shakily let go of the ship’s controls. Despite all four of them essentially being deities, … Read more Hole into the Darkness

A Drifting Plan

The tiny Thantir ship floated awkwardly, anchored to a large lump of cold rock. They were drifting very slowly towards a vast, crystalline mass, a gigantic cluster of white gems and gold trims. All around them, Voidborn guards loomed, disintegrating anything that got too close. “I’ll be honest, I didn’t think there would be THAT … Read more A Drifting Plan

Attack on the Thantir One

“THEY ARE ATTACKING US NOW?” Vikalos roared as he grabbed several Decaylings and pulled them to safety. An explosion had shattered parts of the cargo bay and fires were slowly making their way down the ship. As soon as the Thantir began to shoot back though, the Voidlord army immediately scattered and disappeared. Only a … Read more Attack on the Thantir One

After A Day At Work

“So that is basically what you both do as work?” Tahnahos asked as the four beings headed back to the ship. “You just stand on guard for Life Goddesses?” Retvik nodded as he fumbled around for his keys. Most of his belongings these days were kept inside a single, battered backpack, and his keys would … Read more After A Day At Work

Surprise Spy

“HEY GUYS!” Elksia squealed as she stomped into the observatory, where Retvik and Arkay had been quietly sitting and studying. “WHAT’S UP?” “What’s up?” Arkay replied back, looking confused. “You… you were gone for fucking ages, that’s what’s up. I thought you went to make yourself a sandwich?” Elksia smiled, then pulled out a very … Read more Surprise Spy