Staring at the Universe

Arkay was lying on the beach, staring at the vast array of galaxies in the sky above him. He had things to do, but he didn’t want to do them. As far as Arkay was concerned, he’d just helped save the universe again. All his normal duties could wait. “You’re staring at me.” Kinisis was … Read more

Healing Hands

Elkay had no idea what to expect as he and Arkay landed on the shores of Kinigi. Part of Elkay’s mind expected there to be fire and brimstone and suffering and things like that. Or maybe an endless black pit of nothingness. Or maybe lots of clouds and little winged beings with harps. The last … Read more

Dragged Out of Time

Arkay had been right behind him, but suddenly he wasn’t there. The Whenvern turned round and found that Arkay had stopped in his tracks. “Veth Prime, is something wrong?” “We need to go back to Kinigi, right now.” Kairos blinked. “Why?” “Stasis has broken through. He’s trying to attack Kinisis!” “Oh.” Arkay was about to … Read more

Books Lacking in Answers

“So, after all this time, you all have no idea?” Istoria snapped a book shut, then threw it onto a pile of other books. She was angry and tired and pissed off. “No, Kinisis. We have no idea.” “No definite idea!” Iatre interjected as he rolled by on a chair, carrying a pile of books … Read more

An Unexpected Spear

Arkay floated above the settlement, watching smoke plume into the air and mix into the clouds. One of the suns on this world was setting. The other had already set. The mixture of sunset and smoke had caused a weird, blue and red gradient to form in the sky. “Oh well.” The Whenvern was hovering … Read more

A Massive Headache

It was originally just a headache. The pain had started in the back of Veekay’s head at about five in the morning. He got up, looked out of the window and that was when the pain struck. A dull ache. He had work to do though. He’d taken some pain killers, particularly weak ones, then … Read more

Brother In Law

The last Deitic crumpled into a heap before fading away, utterly defeated. That had been the third Deitic attack on a mortal settlement in the last five hours. “Shame we can’t just kill them…” Arkay muttered under his breath as Kairos flew over. The Whenvern was doing one last check of the perimeter. “We kill … Read more

A Frantic Dragon God

Arkay kept his eyes on the ground. He didn’t want to look up, only to see the other Veth staring at him and whispering about him again. They’d been doing that for a while. They all knew what he’d tried to do. They all knew that he didn’t like Kinisis and didn’t want to be … Read more

Trouble in Stasis

“Yoooohooooo!” Kairos’s voice should have echoed, but in the endless darkness of the void, it just sort of faded off into nothing. “Stasis? Are you here?” Stasis’s home was weird. It was both incredibly small and narrow and infinitely large at the same time. As Kairos flew, occasionally he’d bump into something, like a floating … Read more