Some Decayling Questions

The Decayling observatory was very quiet. Only Litvir was present, idly flicking through a small pamphlet, while occasionally scribbling down notes on a nearby piece of scrap paper. The appearance of Galyn standing in the doorway almost caught Litvir by surprise. “Are you here to check up on us?” Litvir grumbled, sitting up straight. He … Read more

Trial of the Thantir – Graduation?

“Little ones, we need to talk.” Matter folded and unfolded upon itself. The small, plastic cell melted into the world around it, before reforming into a vast, magnificent hall, decorated with floating, flickering candles and a single large table, surrounded by three chairs and an ornate throne. “That was…” Retvik trailed off, not really sure … Read more

Trial of the Thantir – Broken Ritual

Strange, twisted symbols decorated the ground, drawn in a mixture of saliva, blood and the last few drops of ink in a small pen. The demonic script circled around a small, eerie fire lit in the centre of the area, barely illuminating the tiny space in the infinite darkness. Stepping around this ritual’s edge, muttering … Read more

Trial of the Thantir – Not Alone

“HOW YOU DOING DOWN THERE?” Arkay’s shouts were barely audible over the sound of melting metal and animalistic screams. Even telepathic communications were a struggle, barely making their way through the extreme heat of molten steel below and constant slaughter above. Retvik was extruding white hot flames as he pushed his way through the metal, … Read more

Trial of the Thantir – Beginning of a Plan

Thick, fresh blood ran rivers, carving trenches in the loose soil. Constant stampeding mushed the blood and dirt together, creating a horrific mulch that squished and lurched underfoot. What had been a simple attempt to find somewhere to shelter had turned into an ominous bloodbath that was only just coming to an end, if only … Read more