Tale – A Favour from Ksiel

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3L0138L: What are you doing online?

KL0135L: I have a favour to ask.

3L0138L: You’re dead and not supposed to be in this text channel.

KL0135L: Then why didn’t you take away my channel privileges after I died? You’re the channel mod, you could have taken them away.

3L0138L: I assumed no one would use them, since you were dead. And here I am assuming you actually ARE Kayel and not someone who managed to log in randomly.

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3L0138L: Okay fine, that’s definitely you. Was that one of your kids? One of the other kids?

KL0135L: He’s an adult now.

3L0138L: I suppose those are the benefits when you have them young.

KL0135L: How about you? How’s your kid?

3L0138L: Oh, Tsial is a darling. She’s growing nicely. I know it’s still five years before she goes into Junior Strat but me and Jeniar are already fretting. I assume it was you who anonymously sent that really expensive blanket with the Thrakian silk, right?

KL0135L: Did you like it?

3L0138L: Jeniar absolutely fucking loves it. And he’s so glad that I’m basically retired now. Just in time to look after Tsial for these early years.

KL0135L: That’s good to hear.

3L0138: You had a favour to ask of me.

KL0135L: So glad you reminded me. I’d forgotten.

3L0138L: Well, you’re kinda past the age of having kids now. What with one of them being the fucking HG. Me talking about my kid seems… mediocre…

KL1035L: You say that as if I had some sort of input on him as he grew up. All I did was give birth to him.

3L0138L: True. So what do you need?

KL0135L: I want to do a little reunion thing. Just us L-Class and our families. For Veeyel.

3L0138L: Shit.

3L0138L: I meant to go and visit him after the HG freed us. The old guy never let any of us go visit him since he was in that secure facility. Shit shit shit…

KL0135L: It’s okay. He’s not doing too badly.

3L0138L: Still disabled though, right?

KL0135L: Sadly, yes. But he’s fully functional, mostly. He just wants to get out more, and I can’t authorize that. He needs two vok and a medic to authorize an exit for any sort of trip outside his hospital, and apparently me being registered as a citizen of Palaestra doesn’t count.

3L0138L: Is it a relative thing?

KL0135L: I thought so. But I’m thinking maybe as the leader of his Class, you might have more leverage than I do. There’s no way I can bring my connections into this without raising suspicions or anything like that. Plus, I think an L-Class reunion would make Veeyel really happy.

3L0138L: You got a location in mind?

KL0135L: It would have to be somewhere close to the hospital. I’ve been scouting the area, there’s a restaurant and a cafe that we could use.

3L0138L: I think a cafe would be better. Tsial’s a baby, plus a couple of us have young ones. I assume you checked for disabled access.

KL0135L: I did. Double-checked. They have disabled access and disabled bathrooms. And a private area around the back. The restaurant had more food and drink options but I don’t think that’s a problem, is it?

3L0138L: Not really.

KL0135L: Ah alright. Really, I just need you and someone else to help authorize a day out for Veeyel.

3L0138L: You’re going to pay?

KL1035L: You have no idea how secretly wealthy Thanatians are, and now much stupid people are willing to pay for shiny rocks.

3L0138L: Not exactly ethical.

KL0135L: Well I tell them exactly what they’re buying, so their ignorance is on them. Plus, you lot don’t get decent salaries. I do. Let me pay.

3L0138L: Fair enough. I’ll speak to the rest of the Class. See what’s going on. Once I can arrange a date where everyone’s free, I’ll let you know numbers and times and we can sort everything out. It’s the least I can do for Veeyel.

KL0135L: Thank you, Ksiel. I appreciate this.

3L0138L: No worries. Have a nice day.

KL0135L: You too.

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