Tale – Wandering Around Lost

I’ve been wandering around for ages. Not really sure where I’m going, except towards the big dome. It’s the only real thing on the landscape. Everything else is just generic plains, with the odd rocky outcrop or dead tree. Oh and the river and its many reeds. But that’s about it.

I haven’t seen the Colourful Six since we all climbed out of that hole. They went off on their own. Away from the dome. They didn’t really seem to care, they just wanted to go and find something to kill. Their choice, I guess.

The other thing I have seen though are creatures similar to myself. But bigger. More heavily armoured. More like that Vahlok guy. He’s the only being I know where he went. He got picked up by a large, humanoid being with lots of gold armour and gigantic antlers. He said he was going back to work and that it was nice meeting me, so I assume Vahlok is alright. I mean, he wanted to go with that Stasis being. The giant thing asked if I wanted to come along as well, but changed his mind. He said he didn’t want to mess with Kinisis right now. By Kinisis, I assume he meant Death. I don’t know who else he could have been referring to.

But yeah, I’m out here in the middle of nowhere.

Originally, I wanted to leave the hole to find Arkay. I don’t know where he went. Disappeared without a trace. Alright, he’s gone and disappeared a few times, but he normally comes back. And he leaves a, I don’t know, a scent that I can track. I noticed it from all the Veth I’ve come across. I can just sense them. But Arkay’s scent just flat out disappears, with no clue as to where he went.

I can’t really call it a scent. I can’t smell them. I just feel them. Like we’re all connected. Then there’s the ‘scent’ of Death, which I can always smell. It’s always lingering underneath everything else. Like the foundation of the web that connects the rest of us Veth together. It’s a curious sensation.

Speaking of Death, she watched me climb out of that hole and seemed quite happy about it. I haven’t seen her since. She does that a lot, she disappears too. But I expect that of her because she’s Death and if she didn’t do that, I’d be genuinely surprised. What I don’t understand though is why she just watched. Was it all part of a trial or something? A test? Proving that I’m worthy?

I must have passed. Otherwise she would have punished me or something.

I don’t know what to do now though. I’d really appreciate Arkay’s help right now. Poor thing probably deserved better. I hope he’s okay, I really do. Taught me a lot of stuff. Really, I owe him one. I’ll tell him that when I find him.

Oh well.

Since there are no other landmarks, I think my best bet would be to go to the large dome after all. There has to be something there that can help me work out what’s going on. Maybe some other Veth, Veth who are at least willing to talk to me a bit more. Most of the Veth I’ve met have been rather… I don’t know. Aggressive? No, not quite. Just standoffish. Not willing to speak to me or anything. So I just edge past them and move on.

I’ll go to the dome. Everything will be fine. Just like Death said.

And maybe, if I’m really lucky, Arkay will be there.