Tale: Passing on a Message

The purple, black and gold Thraki perched elegantly above the entrance of the Dovgokul Temple. He leaned over a bit, to make room for the circling white, blue and silver Thraki, who seemed hesitant to land.

“Lokmah, it has been a long time since you graces our peaks!” Vokulunax bared his teeth, a friendly gesture among Thraki. “What brings you here today? Have you grown tired of your Raptoric friend?”

“Oh, no, not at all…” Lokmah touched down, a little harder than he intended. His tail bashed into the ground, leaving a very small scratch, and Lokmah hoped Vokulunax hadn’t noticed. The day long flight took longer than he’d expected and Lokmah couldn’t help but admit that he was out of shape.

“You’re not here to lament about your servitude towards the Raptor?” Vokulunax taunted. “That is why you normally visit.”
“I have not come here to complain about my honour-bound word to Phovos in about twenty years. Actually, I came here offering information.”

“Hm?” Vokulunax loved information. Not so much facts and trivia, but rumours and gossip. His duty in running, maintaining and defending the Dovgokul Temple meant that he heard a lot of gossip from his fellow Thraki. “Surely you tease. Your gossip is always good but information? Yum…”

Lokmah nodded. “This information is incredibly juicy. But it is not for you. I am looking for the Undead One.”

“Kayel?” Vokulunax exclaimed. “How do you know he is here?”

“Sahro of course. He can’t keep his jaw shut these days. But then again, most Thraki around here already knew the Undead One would come back one day.”

Vokulunax grunted, then shifted his weight. “You going to tell me so I can pass the message on or do you wish to speak to him in person?”
“Where is he?”

“I am not sure, actually, but Unlahney did say he would return. He did not specify when though. Is the message urgent?”

Lokmah shook his head, then glanced around to make sure that no one else was listening. “It is not of high urgency, but it is something that must be kept quiet. A private matter for the Undead One. Although the trail of this information is long, I believe it is best for Unlahney to learn as soon as possible. Can you keep your jaw sealed until you speak to him?”

“Of course, Lokmah,” Vokulunax lowered his head, then brought his wings in close. “I always keep my words in check. Now, tell me, what message do you wish to pass on?”

Again, Lokmah glanced round, hoping that he’d spot the Undead One and be able to speak to him directly, but he clearly was not around.


“Before I start, how familiar you are with the politics of Rethans, or at least with recent events?”

“Of the assassination of the Vice General of the Retha? Ah yes. I spoke to the Undead One. He did not believe me. He claimed his child was still alive despite the evidence laid out in front of him.”

Lokmah bared his teeth slightly. “So I guess he must have already sensed a particular… presence earlier yesterday…”

“Seven of them, in fact.”

“Is that why the Undead One is not here?”

Vokulunax nodded. “Indeed.”

The two Thraki sighed. After a brief silence, Lokmah raised his wings, ready to take off.

“Very well. I hope his time away is well spent. Please, give him my regards.”

“I shall. And please, give my regards to the Raptor as well!” Vokulunax shouted as Lokmah flew away.