Tale – Election Day Blues

Elkay rolled from his side to his stomach, then back again, unable to find a comfortable position. It was 9 in the morning, but there was no reason to get up quite yet. No campaigning to do, no staff to manage, no speeches to write. Everything was sorted out.

All Elkay had to do today was vote, and he’d already gone and done it. First thing that morning. 8am, he cast his vote for himself, voted in the local elections for his area, waved to the cameras, then headed straight home.

Well, not quite home. He wanted to go back to his flat, but he was currently sleeping on a sofa bed in his campaign headquarters. There were tons of photographers and journalists outside, and he did not want to disturb the other Rethans who lived around him. The last thing they all needed was being pestered with pointless questions, or be blocked from leaving the building. Although Elkay wanted to win, it was important to him that as many Rethans turned out to vote as possible. Low turn outs had been the downfall of every other candidate in recent times, and Elkay wasn’t going to make that mistake.

The sofa bed was still uncomfortable. Sleeping had always been hard with Elkay, mostly because of his large wings. They were bony and muscular and easy to bend in awkward ways. It was often best for Elkay to sleep on his side, as not to crush his poor extra limbs.

Really, Elkay was surprised he had even gotten this far. He was a freak of nature. A Threan-type with red eyes and demonic wings, best known for his incredibly convincing words. And born from a virgin birth. That was the weirdest thing. Most virgin-born Rethans were normally incapable of functioning as fully developed beings, and there Elkay was, a former Vice General, and potentially the next High General of the Retha.

With a sigh, Elkay got up. There was no use trying to sleep. Nervousness and excitment were both getting to him. But what was also getting to him was the silence. There was no one around. His normal staff had the day off, and both the K-Class and the N-Class were working at the polling stations. It was the first time in ages that no one else was around.

Elkay smirked to himself, as the idea of stripping off his armour and running around essentially naked sounded quite amusing, but he knew better. Instead, his attention turned to a message that has just come in on his communicator. A quick message from Rethais.

“I have voted, am going home. Spending the day with ny partner and kids.”

Elkay smiled and quickly typed a reply. “Alright. Have a nice day.”

A second message, simply saying “thank you” popped in. Again, Elkay smiled.  His mind then drifted over to his empty to do list. There was one other thing he had forgotten to do.

Although he had written speeches, one for winning, one losing, there was one little other thing. Traditionally, the loser of an election would be able to make a political request for the winner to fulfil. Most of the time, it was something simple, like lowering taxes for a bit, or increasing funding for education. Philorethic things. Things for the good of the Rethans. Elkay could probably guess what Photeianos would ask for, but he had no idea what to ask for himself. He’d thought about it on and off, but never made a decision.

One thing though did stick out. Allowing everyone to vote. Currently, prisoners and Ksa were not allowed to vote. Maybe that was what Elkay would ask for. Assuming he lost the election.

The nervousness and excitement suddenly rushed back into Elkay’s mind. He shivered, then sighed, and climbed back into bed.

There was no reason to be awake right now. He’d find out who the winners were later on, same time as everyone else.