Tale – Handing Over

“This… all feels so unreal…” Elkay muttered to himself. Behind him were a handful of the K-Class, members brought in overnight to replace his exhausted main team. To his side was Rethais, with only two V-Class Ksa, the rest of the team having gone home to sleep off nearly twenty four hours of work. “How … Read more

Tale – Election Day Blues

Elkay rolled from his side to his stomach, then back again, unable to find a comfortable position. It was 9 in the morning, but there was no reason to get up quite yet. No campaigning to do, no staff to manage, no speeches to write. Everything was sorted out. All Elkay had to do today … Read more

Tale – Last Questions of the Campaign

The crowd died down as Elkay offered himself up for one last question. They had all been there for a few hours, asking questions about everything from increasing taxes on those earning over ten million a year to opening up adoption for all Rethans regardless of marriage status. Elkay had diligently answered every question, apart … Read more

Tale – A Sulking General

Photeianos had spent the last few nights alone. He didn’t want to speak to anyone, no matter how much everyone wanted to speak to him. He’d made mistakes. Lots of them. He didn’t think he would be caught out by something so small. Little threats were always his style. He’d never actually act out on … Read more

Tale – Remaining Quiet

“We should be out there.” “No.” Elkay remained firmly in his seat, flicking through an armour catalogue. He’d been wearing the same look for years now, and with current events the way they were, he was considering a change. “Elkay, we should be using this!” “No!” Rethais on the other hand was restless. He’d sit … Read more

Tale – Scandalous

“What the fuck is wrong with my damm voice?” Elkay shouted as he threw down the electric tablet far harder than intended. Luckily, the rubberised back caused it to bounce. Unluckily, that bounce made it fall off the table onto the floor, where it landed screen down. With a sigh, Elkay bent down to retrieve … Read more

Tale – A Sneaky Chat

“April 2nd?” “Yes, April 2nd. That’s the date they want to do. As early as possible. First Sunday of the month, as to avoid arousing suspicions.” Nenth glanced up from his desk, across the room where the Keeper was having a quick nap. “Why?” “I don’t know…” the voice at the other end replied. “I … Read more

Tale – Moving the Vote

The cheers faded into nothing as Photeianos slammed the doors shut behind him. While the many Rethans out there were sated, worry was gnawing at his heals. “That went well!” Kayel-En smiled as he rushed to Photeianos’s side, a large glass of mead and a stick of grilled meat at hand. “It always goes well … Read more

Tale – Sleepy Chat

“What did he say?” Veekay didn’t want to talk. But there his boss was, demanding that he talk. Veekay hadn’t slept all night. Hadn’t slept for the last few days, and he desperately needed some time to digest everything that had happened. “Can I go to sleep?” “I need to know, Veekay.” Normally, Elkay was … Read more

Tale – Another Bloody Argument

“HOOOOOOOOW?” More flying furniture. Kayessen wasn’t surprised. The last few reports, based on polling data from three major cities, had all been filled with bad news. Well, not complete bad news. Just enough for the High General to start having fits of anger and start tearing things up. “Why do you think?” Kayessen sighed. “Have … Read more

Tale – The Vice Generals’ Debates

There were cameras everywhere, but no other beings apart from Rethais, Kayelar and the moderator, a senior Rethan by the name of Dyphon Kalliergos. Dyphon had been moderating in High and Vice General Candidate debates for about eighty years now, and he was still going strong. A Rethan who relished his job and wished he … Read more

Tale – A Running Mate’s Meeting

Rethais sat at the back of the bar, waiting patiently. There was no one else around apart from the barkeeper. His small team of Ksa and bodyguards were all outside, keeping everyone else away. Apart from one person. One person who had just been allowed in. “I apologise for being late, my friend.” Friend. That … Read more

Tale – Debating about Debates

“You finally decided to accept my invitation,” Photeianos smiled, a crooked, mean-spirited smile he normally saved for enemies. Elkay and Rethais had both seen this smile before, but this was the first time they were the enemies, not someone else. “We have been very busy, Photianos,” Elkay tutted. “What do you want? We have work … Read more