Tale – Acceptance Speech of the new High General of the Retha

“My fellow Rethans…” Elkay hesitated as he stood at the podium, looking over a sea of Rethans. They had all gathered on a cold and windy day to celebrate their new leader. Beings of all shapes and sizes, from all over Rethan territories. Many of them were wearing their best armour, carrying banners and waving … Read more Tale – Acceptance Speech of the new High General of the Retha

Tale – Last Questions of the Campaign

The crowd died down as Elkay offered himself up for one last question. They had all been there for a few hours, asking questions about everything from increasing taxes on those earning over ten million a year to opening up adoption for all Rethans regardless of marriage status. Elkay had diligently answered every question, apart … Read more Tale – Last Questions of the Campaign

Tale – Another Bloody Argument

“HOOOOOOOOW?” More flying furniture. Kayessen wasn’t surprised. The last few reports, based on polling data from three major cities, had all been filled with bad news. Well, not complete bad news. Just enough for the High General to start having fits of anger and start tearing things up. “Why do you think?” Kayessen sighed. “Have … Read more Tale – Another Bloody Argument

Transcript – Interview with Elkay Theanon

Kazix: Good evening everyone! Today is a special occasion. We have been invited to do our interview at the current HQ of candidates Elkay Theanon and Rethais Rethianos. We are going to be interviewing Elkay Theanon himself, getting to know him a bit better before the Rethan Election campaign officially starts on the 1st of … Read more Transcript – Interview with Elkay Theanon

Tale – Debating about Debates

“You finally decided to accept my invitation,” Photeianos smiled, a crooked, mean-spirited smile he normally saved for enemies. Elkay and Rethais had both seen this smile before, but this was the first time they were the enemies, not someone else. “We have been very busy, Photianos,” Elkay tutted. “What do you want? We have work … Read more Tale – Debating about Debates