Tale – A Running Mate

The Rethan ship landed cautiously on the tarmac, and uneasily opened up, revealing its nervous passengers. The ten passengers carefully left the ship, and immediately headed to the specially prepared room, which was also filled with other, even more cautious Rethans. Everywhere else had been carefully sealed off from public access. “Rethais, Lepidas, Emthion, it … Read more Tale – A Running Mate

Tale – Before Photeianos’s Announcement

“EMTHION!” The High General stormed into the office, pushing past the two Ksa stationed in the doorway. Emthion looked up from the piles of paperwork and unfinished bills and all sorts from his desk with a loud sigh. “Yes, General Photeianos? I am very busy right now.” Photeianos didn’t seem to care. He swiped his … Read more Tale – Before Photeianos’s Announcement