Transcript – Interview with Elkay Theanon

Kazix: Good evening everyone! Today is a special occasion. We have been invited to do our interview at the current HQ of candidates Elkay Theanon and Rethais Rethianos. We are going to be interviewing Elkay Theanon himself, getting to know him a bit better before the Rethan Election campaign officially starts on the 1st of March. General Elkay, it is an honour to be here.

Elkay: There is no need for that, you can just call me Elkay. And it is wonderful to have you here.

Kazix: In today’s interview, we’ll mostly be asking you questions that have already been sent in. Afterwards, you said you were planning an online session?

Elkay: Yes. After this show, I will be answering questions sent online, vok will be able to send me questions via multiple forms of communication and I will do my best to answer as many as possible.

Kazix: Is this for any questions?

Elkay: Any questions as long as they are not risky to national security. Unfortunately I can’t answer everything.

Kazix: Understandable. Our first question is rather simple. It’s a get-to-know-you question. What did you do before you became Vice General, and what did you do while you were considered… no longer among the living?

Elkay: I like that question. To be honest, it has been a long time since I considered those early times. My memory is rather… hazy, but I was just like most other generals, maintaining my legion. For the first two years at least. I was rather bored being a normal general so I originally intended to run for the Rethan Council. Photeianos clearly saw potential in me, which was doubly strange considering that those early years, racism against Threan-types was at an all-time high.

Kazix: Uhuh. And what about when you were… in hiding?

Elkay: Those memories are much more fresh. As many of you are now aware, I was a House Fighter for the Dessaron Battle Arena. Originally though, I wanted to remain hidden. I was tracked down by the ruler of Palaestra, Phovos ‘the Raptor’ Tromou, and she offered me a job. Presumably because she knows that former generals make for particularly strong arena participants.

Kazix: How DID she track you down? No Rethans managed to.

Elkay: Well, being legally deceased is a good way to deter others. But like all Thanatians, Phovos has a powerful ability to remember scents. As I had gone to Portalia with my Ksa, many of whom were considering participating in the DBS, and one of whom was a former acquaintance of the Raptor, Phovos could detect my scent on my Ksa.

Kazix: That makes sense. Our next question asks more about your choice in running mate. Why General Rethais?

Elkay: There were many potential candidates, Rethais was one of many considerations. But in fact, when I had narrowed it down to my top three choices, the other two stepped down and suggested I go with Rethais. Such was the faith they had in him.

Kazix: Really?

Elkay: Yes. I could not believe it myself.

Kazix: Do you think Rethais will be useful on the campaign trail?

Elkay: Of course. He is much closer to the average Rethan than I could ever be. As high as my ambitions are, Rethais assists in keeping me grounded.

Kazix: I assume you are taking the K-Class Ksa with you?

Elkay: Yes. The K-Class Ksa and half of the V-Class Ksa will be accompanying us. Although I have sent several members of the K-Class elsewhere.

Kazix: Why?

Elkay: There are many unregistered Rethans out there. All capable of voting but currently not registered to do so. Whether they vote for us or not, they have the right to vote, and I hope to convince them to use said right.

Kazix: Your younger brother Arkay is out there doing that, isn’t he?

Elkay: Indeed.

Kazix: Is he ill? Everyone thought he was too ill to do anything.

Elkay: My brother has improved by leaps and bounds, but questions about his health are not mine to answer. You should ask Arkay.

Kazix: That’s fair. One last question before we cut to adverts. If you were to win the election and become High General, what would your first action be?

Elkay: That is a very hard question to answer. There are many things I wish to do, many things I wish to improve on. But most likely, my first action would be to stand still for a moment and quietly thank everyone for giving me the chance to make our lives better.

Kazix: Good answer. For anyone who wants to ask questions, you should see instructions on your screens now, detailing how you can send in questions. I will be here with General Elkay for a further forty five minutes and afterwards he will be doing an online question-asking session. We’ll see you soon after these adverts.