Tale – Fairy Lights

“What in the name of the Light are you doing, kid?” Retvik grumbled as he watched Arkay cleaning up broken glass. While trying to hang up some sort of green string, he had accidentally knocked over a lantern, which had shattered on the ground in a spectacular explosion of glass and plastic.

“Uh…” Arkay hesitated. “I was putting up fairy lights…”

Retvik looked around the vast, open house. That green rope was everywhere, pinned to the walls, wrapped around anything it could be wrapped around.

“You know putting up decorations for the holidays is a Cassid thing, right?” Retvik finally asked. “All those stupid tacky ‘snow men’ and the idea that an old female Cassid in a purple and gold suit will deliver presents to good kids and all that nonsense…”

Arkay shrugged as he swept up all the glass and placed it inside a cardboard box, so he could safely dispose of it later. “Sounds cute. A bit kiddy to me but still… The snowmen though, yeah, they are creepy. Look nothing like any sentient life I’ve ever seen.”

Retvik sighed and threw himself into a comfy bean bag. “Maybe I am just getting sour in my age… Did you decide what you wanted to do for Macromera? Your friends coming here?”

Arkay shrugged. “I guess. Pretty much everyone has said yes. Some of them asked if they could stay here for the three nights, I don’t know if you want to do that or not. Psiksi, Eksi and Thitaksi said they might sleep over with Arksi in his new place, but Arksi said he wants to come here too…”

“I am sure we can fit you all in. Elksia’s bringing Vel. I’ve got Gath. How many of you are there? Thirteen? Should be fine if you all camp in here and in yours and Tenuk’s rooms…”

“Not everyone wants to stay… Wait, Tenuk’s not coming?” Arkay worried.

“He said he’ll be here for the 24th and 26th but he’s not staying overnight. On the 25th he’s going out for dinner with his family. Apparently they’re trying to come together again or something,” Retvik explained. “You know what Tenuk’s family is like…”

“I don’t, actually,” Arkay shrugged. “I thought they were all insame and hated each other. Speaking of which, are you inviting the other new Dessaron guys round?”

“I offered. Verlais considered it. Ct’Era and Kindyna both said no. I assumed you’d ask Arksi and you did. Just need a total number for all your buddies and I can go shopping. Gath loves shopping, absolutely adores it…” Retvik glanced around again, looking at the green rope. Arkay noticed this too, and began switching off lights.

“What are you doing that for?”

Arkay grinned as everything went dark. He felt his way over to the front door where he’d plugged everything together.

“You’ll like this.”

Arkay flicked a switch, and the room suddenly glowed, bathed in the warmth of hundreds of tiny LED lights. He then leaped onto the bean bag next to Retvik.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“It truly is,” Retvik smiled, his holiday cheer returning once more.