Tale: General’s Location

“Thitavee-En, can I have a word please?”

“Of course!” The N-Class Ksa flapped his elegant wings as he followed Elkay into his office. “How can I be of assistance, Vice General?”

Elkay sat down behind his desk. He preferred his humble office compared to that of the High General’s, far less extravagant, more made for his smaller size.

“People are asking questions. A lot of questions.”

“People always do!” Thitavee-En smiled. “It’s called the media.”

“Indeed. They represent the common vok and ask the questions they want to know. And right now, they want to know where their leader is.”

Thitavee’s smile quickly faded. “Ser, I have told you, Photeianos is ill. When he has recovered, he will return. Until then, you are doing a fine damn good job running Rethan society and I am happy to work by your side for as long as you need me.”

Elkay tapped his fingers together. “You keep on saying that. You have not told me what illness he has, where he went and where the rest of the N-Class Ksa are. You are the only one Rethans have seen.”

“I do not understand your problem. You have enough information.”

“Not enough to satisfy the masses.”

“Ser, I cannot and will not give you more information. The High General’s location is secure. Now, if you excuse me…”

Thitavee-En got up to leave, but as he did so, Teekay entered the room, closing and locking the door behind him.

“Move, K-Class, I do not wish to harm you.”

“The Vice General did not give you permission to leave.”

Thitavee sneered. “He is not my master.”

“Vice General Elkay is the current leader of the Rethans while Photeianos is, as you said, ill. Sit down.”

Not wanting to mess with a Ksa crazier and possibly stronger than he was, Thitavee-En did was he was told and sat back down in front of the Vice General. Elkay nodded at the K-Class Ksa and he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

“As I was saying, Thitavee-En, your cooperation up until now has been wonderful, but I cannot keep on telling the masses the same thing over and over. They are beginning to think that perhaps I have done something. Put yourself in the place of an average Rethan. “Where is our beloved General? The Vice General keeps on saying the same things. Are they hiding something?” Imagine the sort of things one could be thinking.”

“Ser, you want to know if Photeianos is dead so you can keep hold of your power!” Thitavee growled threateningly. Elkay though rolled his eyes.

“You jump to conclusions, just like the High General. While yes I do wish to become High General one day, I wish to do so legally, having won the vote of the Retha, not via the nonsense you describe.”

“So what do you want from me?”

“What do you think? More information, of course!”

Thitavee hesitated. He knew the truth, what Photeianos was really doing. Elkay could sense his hesitation and quickly changed his tone.

“If this is something bigger, I still need to know, so I can come up with suitable covers, to protect the High General. We are friends, Photeianos and I. But I told him all my secrets and he continues to keep his secrets from me.”

“Only Ksa can visit him right now.”

Elkay sighed. “Very well. Pick one of the K-Class Ksa and take them to see Photeianos. I NEED to know what is going on, otherwise both Photeianos and I will lose the trust of the Rethans. It is their right to know if their leader is dead or alive.”

Thitavee stood up from his chair. “The High General is quite a way away. Hard to reach. It will take a few days…”

“I give you a week. I want a full report on my desk by Monday morning. Otherwise you’ll find yourself working with the Silver Fangs on border patrol. Understood?”

“Yes… Ser…”

The door unlocked behind Thitavee-En.

“Very well. Get going.”