Tale – Godly Suggestions

The Whenvern shaked his glorious white wings as he landed on the shores of Kinigi. He had been meaning to speak with Kinisis, better known as Death around these parts, for a while, but he had never gotten around to it. Always busy going forward.

Now though, he had a chance. He wanted to discuss a little… contest that they had spoken about a few years ago. With the Whenvern’s mind the way it was, he found it hard to remember the details of anything that happened in the past.

He was greeted by a single Veth. Their population had been declining steadily over the last few billion years, same way the rest of the life in the universe was. This Veth had white skin with orange glowing parts.

“Here to see Our Lady?” the Veth sneered.

“Yes, I am. Can you take me to her?”

The Veth nodded and spun around, walking off towards that familiar organic dome that Death called home. A large panel opened up in the side and the Veth bowed, waiting for the Whenvern to enter. He thanked the Veth and stepped inside

“Kairos, what are you doing here?” Death exclaimed as pins fell out of her mouth. She was clearly busy pinning material for a dress, using an unwilling Veth as a model.

“I come to speak to you, my dear!” Kairos smiled as he made a small, silver watch appear from thin air. He handed it to Death, who looked at it oddly, then snapped her fingers. The Veth scurried away, dress and all, giving the personifications of time and the cycle some privacy.

“You wanted to talk to me? About what?”

“Details.” The Whenvern paused for a moment and tried to explain. “I remember we talk about a little game. A few years in the past. But I do not remember the details. I am not a creator like you and dreaded Stasis.”

“You want help?” Death still seemed confused.

“Not help. Suggestions.”

Death looked even more confused. “So, help?”

“No!” Kairos shouted. “I want a suggestion. Where to start.”

Death’s blank expression seemed to fade. “What is it with you two and your suckiness at creating things? Don’t you already have your own bunch of Kronaron?”

It was now Kairos’s turn to look blank. “Kronaron? Oh yes! I remember now! I make some of those as and when I need them. Always helpful. Never fail me. Maybe. I have a lot of choice there. But past picking one of those teams, what else do I do? So many thoughts…”

Death shrugged. “I’m just picking my strongest Veth and letting them have whatever upgrades they want. Shapeshifting? Sure. Fire breath? Why not? Ignis wanted electric powers, I gave them to him.”

“That is interesting. Perhaps I can give my Kronaron some powers. What about weapons?”

“Again, just give them what they want. I mean, neither you nor Stasis are going to be able to beat my team of Veth, so I’m not sure why you’re trying. Look at it as a bit of fun watching your minions getting their asses kicked by my minions!”

Kairos snorted. “We see about that! Thank you for your suggestions, dearest Kinisis.”

Death grinned. “It won’t help you. See ya, Kairos.”