Failed Temptations

“So, what can we get you?” Psiksi leaned on the table next to the Lord of Death, smiling eerily. Tenuk sat opposite them, keeping an eye on them both, praying that the young Skyavok did nothing to piss off a being who controlled the fate of the universe. “A lot of things.” “Like what? Respect? … Read moreFailed Temptations

Angering Death

“Thank you for coming with me, Psiksi…” Tenuk huffed and heaved as he and the little Skyavok climbed the stairs. “You really think I was going to let you go to Death’s home on your own? In the state you’re in?” Psiksi asked. “Really? Also why are we using this door up here with your … Read moreAngering Death

Theories of Infinite Lives

How many times have you been in near-death situations? Hopefully none. Hopefully you’ve never seen your life flash before your eyes. But there’s always been that case where you’ve stepped off the curb and nearly been clipped by a speeding vehicle, or you slip while going down the stairs and manage to catch yourself. Little … Read moreTheories of Infinite Lives

Attraction at Graduation

“Not everything you do has to be related to work!” Rethais had said. “Sometimes you need to go to these events for fun.” Well, Elkay was not having fun. There were lots of Rethan Generals here and they all wanted to talk about either work or their hobbies and Elkay was interested in neither of … Read moreAttraction at Graduation

Corrupting Voices

“GO AWAY!” Arkadin shouted, but nothing replied, his voice echoing across the vally. He didn’t expect an answer anyway. “Just fucking shut up already…” Still no reply. But Arkadin didn’t want one. He just wanted the murmurs in his mind to leave him alone. There had always been whispers in the back of Arkadin’s head. … Read moreCorrupting Voices

Chats Over Coffee

The Cold Critter Cafe was a small Vrekan bar run by an otherwise retired, elderly Vrekan called Calliark. Calliark had been an adventurer and spy in his youth, having taken hundreds of different forms and personas. When he retired, he needed something to keep himself busy. Most of his customers were like him. People lost … Read moreChats Over Coffee

Returning Home

The door creaked open, echoing through the otherwise silent house. The lights were all off except for one on the clock in the kitchen space. Psiksi tutted as he entered. He’d been meaning to grease the door hinges ages ago, but he’d never gotten around to it. His recent adventures with the Dessaron had dragged … Read moreReturning Home

Attack of the Time Sucker

Kairos took shelter behind a smashed pillar, wrapping his wings around his bruised body. A weak time-shield was stopping the majority of flaming death balls from hitting him, but he couldn’t hold it for long. That burst of blinding light would wear off at some point and the monster would most likely attack him. Peering … Read moreAttack of the Time Sucker

True Emotions of a Death God

The last few hours, Elkay had noticed that the Lord of Death was lingering just outside his vision. He had been following Elkay and his close friend Ver all afternoon as they dealt with meetings and talked about several planet-wide military exercises over the next couple of weeks. The Thantophor had said nothing, simply tutting … Read moreTrue Emotions of a Death God

Romance Between Gods

Arkadin rarely visited the domain of his sister Yisini. They were opposites, she was life, he was death, so he never felt welcome. It wasn’t that they didn’t get along, they did, the issue was that he didn’t want to accidentally hurt the wonderful flora and fauna scattered around the shimmering tower Yisini called home. … Read moreRomance Between Gods

Dinner with the Allbirther

Phovos blinked with confusion as the room around her melted away, replaced with a single, rocky platform in the middle of a dense, jungle landscape. On the platform was a table, two chairs and a feast large enough to feed a whole village. “Welcome, Phovos Tromou, welcome to my little dining area!” A massive, serpentine … Read moreDinner with the Allbirther

Last Soul

“So, Iehova, that little village was the last one. They’re all dead and we have all their souls. Fifty fifty.” A smart suit hid the horrible, charred skin of Lucifer as he ran his fingers along the top of a glowing orange jar. He sat on a throne covered in spikes and skulls, determined to … Read moreLast Soul

New Family Ties

“Thank you for stopping by here before heading back home to Portalia…” the High General whispered as he ushered Retvik into a private room. Outside, a small celebration had been set up for the returning Dessaron, cheering for both the newest members of the Reth-Vrekan Union and their newly gained resources. The addition of two … Read moreNew Family Ties

The Odd Vohra Nest

The Dessaron’s ship landed delicately on the platform, despite the dangerous storms and streaks of lightning cutting through the sky. “Uh, why are we here?” Psiksi asked as Tenuk shut everything down and started putting on an environmental suit. “Tenuk?” Retvik was also concerned. “This is an unscheduled stop. What are we doing?” Tenuk didn’t … Read moreThe Odd Vohra Nest