Point of Green

They had travelled mostly in silence, but none of the crew minded. The silence allowed them to come to grips with what was going on. They were sharing a ship with a death god, one who wanted to lead them somewhere. The majority of the crew were not trusting of this strange being. While it … Read more Point of Green

Sharing a Vessel

It was outside, hovering about 100m in front of the main cockpit. It was just floating there, oblivious to the fact that it was in the vacuum of space and that the Rethan vessel had its weapons pointed at it. “Hey, can we talk?” It’s voice was… oddly humble. Everyone present knew what the being … Read more Sharing a Vessel

Bips of Light

“Ser, you have to see this…” General Somenion hated those words. A cliché jumble of confusion with a hint of fear and panic. They were unfitting words for any Rethan, let alone a soldier under Somenion’s command. Never had those words been followed by something positive. “What is it, soldier?” Somenion grunted, getting up from … Read more Bips of Light

An Offer for a Helping Hand

“You came back!” Kayel was, amazingly, walking around, up and about. He may have broken his shoulder after an unfortunate confrontation with an angry goddess, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t use his legs. He had been pacing up and down the private hospital room, worrying about things, when a yellow-armoured Skyavok knocked on the … Read more An Offer for a Helping Hand

Back Garden

“Retvik?” Gath sat up in bed, reaching for the blankets. A cold breeze had sneaked in somehow, and a frigid brush against Gath’s uncovered leg had snapped him out of his slumber. The rest of the bed was empty. Recently empty. “Retvik, are you in the bathroom?” There was no reply. Normally Gath’s beloved partner … Read more Back Garden

Above a Burning Castle

“You, uh, missed a spot…” “Huh, thanks…” Yisini watched anxiously as Kairos flew around the gargantuan castle, setting it ablaze and incinerating anything that desperately tried to escape. Kairos wasn’t really that aware of Yisini’s presence, he was busy working. What he was working on, Yisini wasn’t sure but she didn’t want to ask either. … Read more Above a Burning Castle

Outside the Voidspheres

“So he’s… in there… somewhere…” Epani and Yisini hovered above the dark void. It was one of the few places neither of them liked to visit. The Blackspaces, the Voidspheres, as they were often called, were cold, empty territories with only one or two stars inside them, cut off from the rest of the universe. … Read more Outside the Voidspheres

Death’s Desire

“Why are you here?” Arkay stared blankly at the Skyan standing in front of him. It must have been late because all the lights were dimmed and there were only seven guards stationed around his cell rather than the normal twenty. They all knew that the guards were only there for show, yet there the … Read more Death’s Desire

Skyan in the Glass

An attractive, yellow-armoured creature sat patiently in the plexi-glass cage, quietly tapping his feet together nervously. All around him, Skyan police and soldiers stood on guard, weapons drawn and pointed at him. None of them had moved for at least an hour, not since they’d captured the yellow being and brought him to his little … Read more Skyan in the Glass

Another Deathly Summon

“OH WHAT NOW?” the angry deity roared as the roof of the building collapsed around them. “Why are YOU summoning me?” The gathering of scared mortals huddled together, avoiding the falling debris. One of them meekly raised their hand, only to quickly lower it when the deity started shouting again. “I LITERALLY JUST DEALT WITH … Read more Another Deathly Summon

A Deathly Summon

“Oh Great Thantophor, we beg for your assistance!” Arkadin rubbed his eyes as he rolled over. There was a very small, furry creature standing by his hand, dressed in tattered black and yellow robes. Blood caked its paws, one of which was holding a staff with a small skull on it. “How did you get … Read more A Deathly Summon

Arguing Over A Miracle

“You broke quarantine.” “I do not care.” “You broke a lot of things.” Tenuk grunted as he sat down in the co-pilot seat, next to Retvik. They were both angry but for vastly different reasons. Retvik was watching the navigation screen. The ship was on autopilot, floating in orbit around Portalia, waiting for permission to … Read more Arguing Over A Miracle