Tale: The Little Settlement

Things were coming together quite well, considering recent events. They may have all been trapped in a series of underground tunnels with no way out, but they were all alive and they all had a place to sleep at night.

Teekay had been by far the most helpful. Once he’d woken up, his electromagnetic senses kicked into gear and they could start moving. It was Enkay though who found the perfect place to stay. A small, underground lake with a large cliff-side, filled with several large holes cut into the side. The place looked like it was going to be a mine, but seemed abandoned. Luckily, its resources were mostly untapped, and the walls were oozing with waxfuel, a molten wax-like substance that burned for many, many hours.

With a place to settle, the group had split up into various jobs. Arkay kept them all fed by spending most of his time fishing in the lake. There was much more in there, and when Arkay realised they were attracted to the light, he managed to secure a constant source of food. Itakay assisted him in making traps, and they also found an edible fungus plant that Enkay spent the next week planting and harvesting.

Geekay was in charge of sorting out a water supply. The water straight from the river wasn’t the safest to drink. Using some of the old machinery and the waxfuel scrapped off the cavern walls, Geekay built a system that boiled the water, getting rid of most of the bacteria in the water. This boiled water was only for drinking and cooking though, as the lake was clean enough to wash in. Not that they had any soap or anything.

Veekay spent most of his time on guard. They weren’t alone down in the underground river system. But they were all pleasantly surprised when the other half of the K-Class Ksa washed up on the shore of the lake, having made a raft out of abandoned mining materials. Deekay, Eskay and three of the former Ξ-Class Ksa were all equally exhausted, but with a few days rest, they too were helping make the most out of their situation.

Not long later, Arksi, the final Ξ-Class Ksa, and his partner Nenth, appeared on the shore. Nenth had heard the group from a few miles away. They’d been on the run from a large creature in the water, which had been following them down the river. The K-Class worked together to capture the beast, which found itself suddenly becoming prey.

They had started off lost and scared, but by working together, they’d done more than just survive, they’d built a place for them to live. The thirteen Threan-types were ready to live in their new town for as long as they needed.

There was no sense of time down there. The Rethans knew they would not last forever, and that there were others looking for them. It wasn’t their fault they’d been teleported out of a secure facility. It wasn’t their fault, but others would see them as escapees and traitors.

For the moment though, they were safe.