Dessaron Interview 1

The following is an uncut transcript of the first of four interviews, after the Dessaron’s existence was made public. This transcript contains material that was not aired. Cameravok: Recorder is hot. We’ll record the intro separately then start the interview. Understood? Kazix: Yes. Cameravok: Ready to record intro. Counting down. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six… … Read more Dessaron Interview 1

Kayess-En Viodou

Kayess-En “Kass” Viodou is a prominent member of Retha Squad One, one of the current top Dessaron Teams, and has consistently kept his teams among the top ten since his debut in the Dessaron Battle System in 2003. Kayess-En is a Threan-type Rethan, standing at 1.96m tall and weighing 130kg. He has Ksa-level telepathy and … Read more Kayess-En Viodou

Examination of the four Dessaron

The nine most powerful members of the Rethan race sat calmly on their plain, wooden chairs, along a long, equally plain table. In the middle of the table sat the High General, Photeianos Photeianou. To his right sat Vice General Elkay Theanon and the three generals of the North: Rethais Rethianos, Lepidas Kapetanio-Ksifon and Emthion … Read more Examination of the four Dessaron


Subject: #V3114N Risk Level: High Name: Veliakos ‘Vel’ Konztantin Species: Rethavok Subtype: Hertan/Threan-type crossbreed Date of birth: 18/11/81 Location of birth: Slitherlimb’s Rest, Hertany Parents: Gathrin Konztantin (mother – deceased), Relasi Seran Konztantin (father – deceased) Height: 2.04m Length (inc. tail): 2.51m Weight: 127kg Born traits: Black skin. Purple and black armour with gold slithers. … Read more #V3114N

On Theoktons

Theokton is a term referring to all beings who are resistant to the manipulation of Deitic beings. Theoktons are split into two categories: true Theoktons – Deitics, who are immune to each other’s power and so-called ‘god-killers’; and general Theoktons, which covers everyone else. The ability to be resistance to Deitic manipulation comes from the … Read more On Theoktons