Tale: Maza Meeting

The Maza Tower in Portalia City was full of movement and commotion. Hundreds of journalists, mostly Cassids but a few Vrekans and Lanex too, all huddled around the entrance, waiting for the representatives inside to conclude their hours long meeting. The Feralheart plague had been beaten, thanks to cooperation between the Vrekans, Vohra and Retha, … Read more

My Life, Flashing By

Okay, let me recap. My name is Kayel Theanon. I’m 63 years old. A middle-aged Rethan. I’m an L-Class Ksa, technically retired, legally deceased. Right now, I am barricaded in a house filled with many of the materialistic items I have wanted throughout my life, while the monster that assaulted me and raped me 24 … Read more

Transcript: Conversation between Prime Minister and High General

<Start Transcript> Photeianos: Prime Minister Aesop, it is good to speak to you again. Aesop: And a pleasure to speak to you, General Photeianos. Apologies that it must be under such… unusual circumstances. Photeianos: Circumstances caused by Cassids. Aesop: Hence why I said unusual. But I must insist, the Cassid government has nothing to do … Read more

Transcript: Slow Infection

<Start Transcript> Elkay: Thank the Light someone finally fucking picked up Rethais are you there? Rethais: You are speaking a mile a minute, kid. Elkay: I have been trying to call for help for ages. My ship went down and everyone is trying to kill me. I think I have the same insanity illness everyone … Read more

Tale: Solution

Elkay fucking hated crutches, but he had used them to walk from the hospital all the way to the temporary new council building. Flanked by four young Rethan soldiers, he stormed into the main chamber, where the other members of the council weren’t doing too well. “Thank the Light you are here, Elkay!” Rethais shouted, … Read more

One Year Later – Dessaron Interview

This is set a year after the four Dessaron Interviews, on 09/05/16. Cameravok: I assume we won’t be wasting any time on this. Retvik: Nonsense. We have time. This isn’t like before. Kazix: Well good! Arkay: We’re just doing short bursts, right? Kazix: Yes, people don’t like long, boring interviews. Retvik: We already discussed this. … Read more

News Report on the Explosion at the Rethan Council

Breaking news coming from the Rethan Central Stratos Buildings in Thre-Vretania, planet Threa! An explosion has devastated the communal and media areas, leaving ten dead and many, many more injured, including several high-ranking Rethans and one of our own camera crews. Details are incredibly sketchy right now as Rethan soldiers are forcing us away from … Read more


I am Psivee-En. History knows me as the Defiler. I am not sure why I was given that name, but it may have been how I slaughtered many in the name of freedom. The Trehavok demanded it. The Rethavok oppressed us and would not let us live by our own laws. But we eventually failed, … Read more

Threavok and early Retha

The Retha are a relatively young race compared to the other dominant species alive currently, only becoming sentient 10 thousand years ago. Before then, they had an intelligence level similar to feral Vahrga, aggressively attacking anything that came near them. They hunted in packs and were often left alone. 50 thousand years ago marks the … Read more