Expected Visitor

“Come in! Sit down! We’ve been expecting you!”

Arkadin stood in the doorway as a green-armoured Skyan hobbled past, carrying a tray with three glasses on it and a glass bottle of fizzy caramel soda.

“You have… been expecting me?” Arkadin asked, edging inside and closing the door behind him. He had taken the form of a rather normal yellow Skyavok. Those with a little bit of historical knowledge would have instantly recognized him, but this Skyavok didn’t seem so sure who he was.

“Well I was expecting someone! Kayel will be here in a moment… Oh wait, here he is!”

Kayel, the black and yellow-armoured leader of the Skyavok, who started his first vacation in about five years about ten minutes ago, skidded into the room, having heard voices.

“Oh, someone is here!” Kayel smiled, realizing who their visitor was. “Arkay, please, come inside and sit with us!”

Kayel immediately took Arkadin by the hand and led him towards a small dining table. Everything about the situation was rather modest, considering Kayel’s glamorous position. Simple walls, simple furniture, simple cutlery and plates and glasses. Everything was… cozy, cute even.

The table ahead of them had four chairs but was set for three, the last place currently occupied by a large bowl of creamy, cheesy pasta stew. Kayel sat Arkadin down first, then pulled the chair out for the Skyan who was clearly his partner.

“Thanks, dear…”

“No worries, Veeyel!” Kayel’s eyes lingered on Veeyel, admiring how much he loved this Skyan, despite his flaws. Veeyel was clearly disabled and relied on mechanical leg braces that connected to his waist to be able to walk.

Arkadin shifted awkwardly in his seat. He probably caused whatever had happened to Veeyel to make him unable to walk. Veeyel noticed Arkadin’s awkwardness though and smiled.

“Don’t blame yourself! I know that’s what a god like you would do! You are a god, right?”

“I am…” Arkadin nodded. “I actually came here though… to talk to Kayel. To stop him from going through with the worshiping stuff.”

Kayel finally sat down, helping himself to some food. “Oh, why is that? I just wanted to make arrangements to have you be our spiritual leader. Kinda like what the Temthans have.”

“Exactly. And I’m here to tell you not to do that.”


Arkadin sighed. “Two days ago, a fledgling race blew itself to pieces in a holy war, because half of them worshiped me and I didn’t stop them. the other gods are pissed with me and now, if I am ever to have followers in the future, I have to stop shit like that from happening again.”

Kayel blinked in confusion, then glanced at Veeyel, who was also blinking in confusion.

“But… to stop that from happening…” Veeyel hesitated. “Would you… you’d like, have to control the whole universe or something? Or, like constantly scan it, looking for traces of worship?”

“I used to do that anyway. I stopped doing it and now there’s a nuclear wasteland instead of a planet that I could have stopped.”

Veeyel rolled his eyes. “Jeez, those other gods are strict. Bet they don’t have to do all that.”

Arkadin shrugged. “That’s just how it is, being the unwanted death god. Makes me angry, but what can I do? That’s why I’m here to tell Kayel not to do anything else. I don’t want you all worshiping me. I don’t even want you looking up to me. I’m the personification of death and decay, not an idol or a good example.”

“One could argue that your humility is wo-” Kayel started, only for Arkadin to tut disapprovingly.

“Please, Kayel, don’t. I don’t want the hassle and I don’t want to drag the Skyavok into my problems…”

Kayel grunted, then shrugged, acknowledging Arkadin’s request. “Well, alright. Since you asked so nicely. But I want something from you. You gotta stay here and have dinner with us. Veeyel and I will cook something nice, you can bring a friend if you have one, and we’ll have a nice, long chat on how we can help each other.”

Arkadin hesitated. “Right now? I have… godly things to do.”

“Doesn’t have to be right now!” Kayel smiled. “Just let us know when you can come!”

“Whenever you want! We’re always happy to see you!” Veeyel reached forward, placing his hands on Arkadin’s. “Don’t let the anger get to you. You need a clear head in the next few weeks. Or you’ll end up back in a mess again.”

For some reason, Veeyel’s words bothered the Thantophor. He gently pulled his hands away, not wanting to hurt the already damaged Skyavok.

“Uh… excuse me?” Arkadin found himself stuttering. “What… do you mean by that?”

“By what?” Veeyel asked.”

“What you just said.”

Veeyel blinked. “What did I just say?”

Arkadin and Kayel blinked as well. After a moment of awkward silence, Arkadin grunted and stood up. “Thank you for inviting me, but I have to go. I have work.”

“No worries!” Kayel waved, getting up as well. “Do you not want some stew to take with you?”

The Thantophor hesitated, then shrugged. “Eh, sure, why not. Thank you…”