A Conflict-Less Conclusion

Yisini glanced away from her work, up towards the disgruntled Whenvern that was circling above her. He had been watching her closely for ages now, to the point that Yisini had somewhat lost track of time. That thought bothered Yisini since the literal god of time was hanging about in the sky above her head. Thankfully though, those bothersome thoughts were soon to end as Yisini was nearly do-

“ARE YOU DONE YET?” Kairos shouted as he flapped through clouds, causing a small amount of rain to drizzle down.

“Just about!” Yisini smiled. “Just gotta tweak a few things! Then I need to turn it into a vapour!”

“Why?” Kairos continued to shout. “Why does it need to be a vapour?”

“So it spreads more easily, silly!”

Kairos grunted, then lowered himself down to Yisini’s little laboratory shack. He perched somewhat awkwardly on the roof, eyeing what Yisini was doing.

“Are you sure it will work?”

“99.8% sure!” Yisini beamed a little bit more. “Nothing is ever certain!”

The Whenvern rolled his eyes. Yisini giggled, then finished what she was doing. Suddenly though, everything went incredibly dark. As if a very large storm had rolled over. In fact, a storm HAD rolled over, turning what had been a partly cloudy but otherwise cheerful day into a torrential storm, complete with flashes of lightning.

The two deities glanced upwards to see what had caused this abrupt change in weather, only to realise that there was an even darker area looming towards them. Within moments, the colossal form of the Panelix descended from the storm clouds, trailing lightning and thunder behind her. The Panelix slowed down, before coming to a complete halt mere metres away from Yisini, Kairos and the rickety lab.

“Hi, guys, what are you up to?” a tiny little being chirped as it climbed off Epani’s long, glowing tendril and perched on her snout.

“What are you two doing here?” Kairos asked. “Arkadin, I asked you to tell me if anything went on with Epani!”

Arkadin shrugged. Epani shrugged as well, causing several winds to rustle by.

“That is why I brought Arkadin here to you!”

Both Arkadin and Epani seemed to be in a good mood, something that perplexed Yisini and Kairos. Those two were rarely in a good mood and rarely ever even spent time together.

Kairos glared at Arkadin, demanding an explanation. “What. Happened.”

“It wore off.”


“The weird love gas wore off!” Arkadin started smiling. “It wore off. But in the mean time, Epani and I had some really nice conversations and things like that and we worked some things out and it was quite relaxing! Once it was all gone, Epani and I realised we were kinda ruining that part of whatever planet we were on, so we got up, fixed the mess we made then came to find you guys!”

“But…” Kairos trailed off, not sure what to say. “But… what about the gas and stuff? How did it wear off?”

“Simple!” Arkadin explained. “The bonds within the pheromone gas thing that Yisini released all decayed over time into less harmful chemicals. It all decayed away, like everything else does!”

“So…” Kairos was still stuttering. After a while, he sighed. “I was expecting some sort of conflict or something and that I’d have to get Yisini to… have to fix stuff and… ugh…” The Whenvern gave up.

Epani glanced at her siblings. “Kairos, it is all fine. Nothing has happened to me and I am fine and well. There is nothing to worry about!”

“Well…” Arkadin shrugged, then glanced at Yisini. “There will be a spike in pregnancies, hatchings, abortions and purchases of birth control over the next few months, but that’s not really our jobs to worry about.”

Yisini beamed as she coiled up a wall and around Kairos’s shoulders. “Oh goody! I can’t wait to check all those new babies out soon! But until then, how about we go to a beach and chill out for a bit?”

The Whenvern sneered, then grabbed Yisini and lifted her up off the ground. “Epani, Arkadin and I are going. You though are not invited.”

“Why?” Yisini whimpered.

“You caused this stupid situation. Again.”

All of a sudden, Arkadin flew up between Yisini and Kairos. “Oh, come on, brother. Don’t be like that! Yisini can come after she’s cleaned up all this mess!”

“What mess?” Yisini asked.

With a snap of Arkadin’s fingers, the little lab collapsed, sending a flood of strange chemicals tumbling down the hill into the valleys below.

“That mess!” Arkadin smiled as he, Epani and Kairos headed off. “Next time, don’t fuck around with chemicals that alter our minds and don’t build stupid mini labs on hills with only one damn support beam, alright?”