Acolytes of Stasis

The Acolytes of Stasis are a collection of races, groups and individuals who have sworn themselves into service of the godly being known as Stasis. While their reasons of servitude are often varied, their defining characteristic is a deep, burning desire to make themselves both powerful and immortal, and to escape the cycle of life and death.

The majority of Acolytes believe that if they manage to convert enough beings, Stasis will either send his best Deitics to bless them, or he will come down and bless them himself. Other beliefs are less well-rooted and vary between races and groups, but peace and persuasion over violence and forcefulness are common themes in many of the Acolytes’ sub-religions. Common lesser beliefs include worshiping golden objects, the idea of grand feasts on weekends, and long periods of fasting during week days and holy events. Individual races will also come up with their own ways to show their devotion to Stasis and the Deitics, including extremes such as allowing the Deitics to rule over them.

High-ranking races generally consist of Stasis’s children, the Deitic races of Anexartitai, Allagon and Kronospasts, with the Kronospasts in particular leading the way and bringing more races into Stasis’s fold. Only the ruling classes of mortal races are allowed to consider themselves high-ranking, and the majority of Acolytes are simply large swathes of beings doing as they’ve been told.

Their tactics are relatively simple. Many are convinced and often tricked that, by praying and believing in Stasis, they will gain power over their lives, and by converting others, they will gain enough power to become immortal. The bottom ranks act similar to a pyramid scheme, trying to get as many other beings to believe in Stasis as possible. Higher ranks often provide parties, ceremonies and information, in order to perpetuate the cycle, as well as offering proof that Stasis will bless the hardest working beings.

When their more subtle tactics fail to work, the highest ranked beings will often visit large groups of beings, showing them firsthand the power of Stasis and what he could do for everyone. Many high-ranking Deitics will ofte

When violence is required, most of the time it is handed off to specific actors, dedicated beings blessed by Deitics and sometimes even Stasis himself. In the most severe of cases, the ArchWarrior, Stasis’s hand-picked assassin, will intervene. The reasons for this are simple – if only a handful of beings are violent, the majority of Acolytes can claim that they are a peaceful organization and wish no harm. Most of the time though, violence is not required, and many beings can be thoroughly convinced simply by being shown Stasis’s blessings.

The end goal of the Acolytes is to provide as many souls to Stasis as possible. When a critical mass has been reached, the Acolytes believe that Stasis will use the power of the Acolytes’ souls to disable and control the Whenvern, thus allowing him to also control time, stopping the universe’s cycle and granting immortality to all.



Main Groups

The Vohra

Secondary Members

The Cassids
The Bayvak
The Thraki

Notable Individuals

The ArchWarrior
Lord Avra tou Constellion
Queen Pantayia