Disciples of the Whenvern

The Disciples of the Whenvern are a collection of races, groups and individuals who proudly follow the teachings and lessons of Kairos, the Dragon Lord of Time. They believe that, by fully understanding the fourth dimension, they may discover the key to true immortality, far superior to the constant renewal of the Cycle, or the eternal nothingness of the vacuum.

Their main goal is to destroy the source of decay and nothingness, accumulating in the death of Kenos/Stasis. By destroying Stasis, the Whenvern can bring entropy, believed to be the enemy of all universes, to a halt. On top of this, by defeating Stasis, the Whenvern will then be able to remove Stasis’s effects on Kinisis. Eventually, with all sentient beings becoming the Whenvern’s disciples, he would be able to control Kinisis herself, and be able to create a perfect, immortal universe where death no longer exists.

Many Disciples believe that the Whenvern should be the true ruler of the universe, because while Stasis embodies hatred, coldness and strength over others and Kinisis cares little for anything outside her duties, the Whenvern is concerned about all life and wishes to preserve everything. While the majority understand that the Whenvern must always move forward, they believe that the Whenvern wishes to carry them all with him, so that all can progress and move towards a better future.

The Disciples of the Whenvern sternly oppose any and all connections to Stasis, the Father of the Deitics, to the point that they will capture and torture any Acolytes of Stasis that they find. While they are willing to work hard to try and convert others into Disciples, they have no patience with the Acolytes of Stasis and are openly hostile against them. The Disciples pride themselves on always being ready for battle, and honour those who die for their cause. Heroes of war are often given high-ranking positions.

The most notable Disciples are blessed by the Whenvern himself, and given draconic features, such as large wings, the ability to breathe elemental powers and the use of powerful magics. The best of the best are taken in personally by Kairos and trained to become Dragon Lords, leading the Disciples of the Whenvern in times of need.

The majority of Whenvern followers are Xeno-Thanatasaur races, or otherwise reptilian. The most notable of these are the Temthans, a flexible, adaptive race of warm-blooded but scaly creatures. The evolution of many of these races was influenced by the Dragon of Time while the universe was young, and Kairos has admitted multiple times that he has intentionally guided these races, because he admires them, their looks and their strengths.

The A’Vatas are a recent addition to the Whenvern’s forces, having gradually betrayed both their father Stasis and their former master Kinisis, desiring the freedom to wreck havoc and get revenge on Stasis for essentially gifting them to Kinsis to use as assistants and servants.


Kairos/The Whenvern/The Dragon of Time

Main Members

The A’Vatas
The Temthans
The Time Drakes
The Thanatians

Secondary Groups

The Banikans
The Raptai
The United Front for the Betterment of Humanity

Notable Individuals

The Kronaron