Races and Species

There are a large array of species in the Phoviverse, living on an even larger collection of planets and solar systems. These races tend to be split into various groups, based on how they evolved and their related species.


Deitons were the first family of species to gain sentience and develop complicated societies, although only a handful of example species still exist today. Their flexible DNA structure allows Deitons to take a large number of different sizes. Because of this, many Deiton races feed only on pure sugar and simple glucose foods.

Thantons / Thanatoforic Races

Thantons are a varied family of species known for their unique blend of mammal and reptile traits. They are normally warm blooded but lay eggs and are generally covered in scales. Thantons are known for their huge array of different species and breeds, and the most prominent species, the Temthans, consist of a huge collection of subspecies, breeding similarly to canines. Thantons primarily breathe oxygen, although some fringe species may also breathe other gases too.


Panvok species were once the most common type of organism in the universe, known for their tough, plastic-like carapaces and the ability to breath a combination of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, which causes them breed incredibly quickly. Traditional Panvok always have monarchy-based societies and often create hive-mind nests

These days, the only remaining true Panvok race are the Vohra, as their incredibly fast reproductive abilities have allowed them to outpace all other competition. There are a handful of smaller Panvok races but they remain isolated and far away from all other species.


Threthan is a term that covers a number of races that share traits with the Panvok, but after splitting off from main Panvok lines millions of years ago, evolved into much more upright beings that only breath oxygen and nitrogen. Often called Threanic Panvok, these beings are still somewhat similar to traditional Panvok but are considered more ‘upright’ and individual. More importantly, Threthan species have evolved in such a way that individuals have both genders, causing a much higher availability of potential partners and creating very tight societies, making them friendlier towards each other due to a lack of competition. Their isolation from other Panvok races has allowed them to grow in unique and powerful ways.


Vrekai covers a collection of Panvok-like species, similar to Threthans, but with distinct bird-like traits, including feathers and a combination of being warmblooded and requiring some external thermal regulation. Vrekai have hard, bony plates similar to Panvok, but the plates are enclosed around the mouth, forming sharp beaks. Although they were once as common as Panvok, the loss of many a solar system and over-competition from Vohra has reduced the Vrekai to just a handful of remaining species.


The majority of Sipofors are mammal-like races that have evolved separately from almost all other types of species. They are similar to marsupials, but are capable of deriving energy from both oxygen and nitrogen. Most Sipofors evolve on isolated planets and have thus grown into apex predators that are more than a match for even more technologically advanced races.


There are a handful of humans and human-like species within the universe, but due to their xenophobia and warmongering ways, they are left isolated by other races. Deitons in particular will make sure that humanoids remain within their solar systems and intentionally limit how they may spread.