The Strangest Fifthday

Agapia’s eyes snapped open. Everything was still dark. She had nothing on, not even her Emperor’s Robes. There was a sticky feeling all over her body. All around her was what felt like scales and slime.

Something had happened last night. Something amazing.

Sitting up, Agapia let her eyes adjust to the oddly dim light. She could just about make out the shape of other Temthans, all laying around in a stupor, all surrounded by the long, black and purple embraces of a massive, scaly tail. The tail of their Holy Goddess, the Allbirther Yisini.

Everyone else was asleep, happily snoring away, wrapping themselves up and dreaming peacefully as Yisini’s serpent body enveloped them. She had first appeared here as the most beautiful Temthan ever, but as soon as she was comfortable, she’d revealed her true form to them. The twisting, turning tail of a snake, with the head, chest and arms of a Temthan-like being. Except far prettier than anyone could imagine.

It took a while for Agapia to remember what had happened. It was Fifthday, the day of the week that most Temthans did their weekly rituals. Their prayers towards their Blessed Divine. Except Yisini was already there, watching and smiling at them all. As part of the Temthan Religion of Kiniseos, it was required for every worshipper to take part in one sexual act a week, and Fifthdays were always Agapia’s preferred day of choice to do such things.

Normally though, normal Fifthdays would be quiet. She’d have a large feast with her favourite subjects, then take a couple of the most beautiful Raptorans and Raptesses into her private quarters and have a nice, gentle threesome. This Fifthday, something else had happened.

Clambering over long, slimy pieces of tail, Agapia looked for Yisini’s head. Maybe the Goddess of Life would know what happened. Because Agapia had no idea, she couldn’t remember anything apart from a huge amount of pleasure. Whatever happened, she had enjoyed it immensely.

Agapia finally found the top half of Yisini. She was sitting in Agapia’s throne, smiling happily to herself.

Without hesitation, Agapia bowed as she approached the Goddess.

“My Blessed Allbirther… uh… what happened?”

Yisini turned to Agapia. “You don’t remember?”

“Um… Not really…”

“You don’t remember the utterly amazing sex I had with all of you?”

“Well…” Agapia glanced behind her. It was all coming together now. “It was amazing. Clearly so amazing that I do not remember half of it. I do remember…”

“Your wonderful orgasm. Maybe I shall take you back to my personal paradise one day, we can spend lots of time together…” Yisini smirked, hissing slightly. “I suppose you are wondering why though. Why would the Goddess of Life sleep with a mere mortal such as yourself?”

Yisini leaned forward, snaking her body around Agapia, trapping her in a mixture of silky smooth skin, slippery slime and goodness knows what else. Agapia’s initial calmness had suddenly been replaced with a sense of uneasiness.

“Why?” Agapia couldn’t help but ask.

The Goddess of Life smiled, running her fingers along Agapia’s back. “Well, how else am I supposed to gather genetic materials with which to create the perfect Temthaic being? The more samples I get from you and your very best, the better. And you all get to enjoy some wonderful sex in the process.”

Agapia blinked, shivers running down her spine. “You are making… a better Temthan?”


Yisini suddenly let go and started slithering away, dragging her massive body with her and leaving her still-sleeping Temthan subjects lying on the ground.

“But don’t tell anyone, alright?”

“What if I do t-”

The Allbirther scowled as she glanced over her shoulder. “I would reconsider that sentence, my dear. You are talking to a Goddess, after all…”