The Vohreth System

The Vohreth System is a solar system with a bright, long-living yellow star and six inhabitable planets, as well as several small moons and many uninhabitable objects. There are three asteroid belts, one between the star and Vohran 1, a small, thin belt between Vohran 2 and Vrekal, and a large, tilted asteroid belt filled with minor planets far beyond the planet Varya.

The Vohreth system is ruled by two races, the Vohra and the Vreka. Due to their closeness and past wars for control of Vrekan, Vohran 3 and the larger uninhabitable bodies of the system, the two races are somewhat hostile to one another.

The planets of the Vohreth system are:

Vohran 1

Vohran 2

Vohran 3