Clothes and Wraps

“I swear I had more stomach wraps than this…”

Arkay rummaged through the drawers in his bedroom, desperately trying to find some sort of fabric he could use.

“I should have washed all my stuff before I went back to being a god…”

The reason for Arkay’s scrambling was somewhat sudden. Being a Skyavok, Arkay normally wore very little. The standard Skyavok wardrobe consisted of a fabric wrap around the stomach and maybe some additional lightweight flexi-plastic or faux-leather armour plating on the shoulders, thighs, knees and occasionally the tail. But that wasn’t the case for both Temthans and Falena, two races that wore more ‘thropic’ clothing – clothes that covered the majority of the body.

It had suddenly occurred to Arkay that he had been letting his friends wander around completely naked. And he had only realised this when Yisini had asked if she could go outside.

“Why didn’t you have everything washed?” Tenuk tutted as he stood in the doorway, somewhat mocking Arkay’s actions. “I mean, you could have asked me and I would have done it.”

Arkay opened a new draw, pausing abruptly. He pulled out a bright, white cloth with blue stars on it. “This one isn’t even mine!”

“Yeah. That’s Psiksi’s.”

“What is his stuff doing in here?”

Tenuk shrugged. “I dunno. You picked him to replace you after you kicked the bucket. You were the one who said he could have all your stuff if he wanted it.”

With a grunt, Arkay grabbed the white and blue cloth, as well as a few others, then rushed downstairs. He had a large black and lilac Temthan waiting with her breasts and privates hanging out and Arkay didn’t want to waste any more time. He was thankful that Temthan bodies managed to hide their sexual lumps quite well.

“Here, Yisini!” Arkay exclaimed as he thrust the cloth into Yisini’s hands. “Tie one around your breasts like a bra, one around your butt as a pair of knickers and another on top as a skirt. At least you’ll look dressed.”

Yisini eyed the fabric, then did as she was told, grumbling as she did so. “I don’t know why you’re doing this. Last time I was in this city, all the Temthans were wearing skimpy swimwear. Why can’t I just go out there nude? Also, you’re supposed to be calling me Sini now.”

“Because it’s nearly October and the weather is changing, plus, this is Ksithan territory and we’re in a workers’ district, you’ll get arrested for indecent exposure!” Arkay snapped. “And why ‘Sini’ and not ‘Zoe’? The latter is far more… Temthan-y.”

Yisini shrugged. “It also literally means life and is a bit too obvious. Isn’t Arkay also a bit obvious?”

“Everyone knows that ‘Arkay’ was brought back by ‘the Thantophor’, to the point that I’m considered a completely separate entity…” Arkay paused again. “Although you do have a point, I do need to make myself a tad less obvious. Maybe I’ll put on that old silver armour and matching stomach wrap Elksia got for me ages ago…”

Sini blinked. “You’re coming with me?”

“Well, uh, yeah…” Arkay stuttered. “You have no money and want to go to a shop to buy food. I have money. I’m not letting you out there on your own. Not yet.”

“And why not?” Kairos suddenly interrupted, looming in from the living area. “We are-”

“Kairos, you barely know how to eat and drink properly…” Epani muttered, trying to tie some of the leftover cloth wraps around herself. The realisation of how naked she was had made Epani feel incredibly vulnerable. “And what can I do? I am a Falena, a race that is not even present around here… Arkay, would you be able to provide some clothing and perhaps a name for me?”

Arkay shrugged. “Sure. I’m glad you’re finally figuring things out. Kairos, you’re not going outside until we get you some Thrakian clothing and a way to contact the local Thraki Nest. Because Thraki are territorial and don’t like strangers in their air space…” The little Skyavok trailed off. “I really need to get Lokmahro’s contact details from Phovos…”

Sini finished wrapping herself up in cloth, using a final piece of fabric to make a nice headscarf for herself, then began to bounce up and down in excitement. “We can do that when we go out, right, Arkay?”

“Uh, yeah…” Arkay glanced at Tenuk, who pulled an “are you sure you want to do this?” face. Arkay rolled his eyes, picked up a small rucksack with his belongings in it, then nodded. “Yeah. We’ll be fine. It’s just a walk. Nothing too weird.”

“You’re going outside while holding hands with a Temthan,” Tenuk tutted. “Then again, you once went on a date with Phovos. I wonder how I never realised you were the Thantophor…”

“No, me neither!” Sini beamed, still bouncing with excitement. She grabbed Arkay by the hand and dragged him to the door. “See you later, guys!”

Once the door slammed shut and the dust settled, the Kronospast, the Thraki and the Falena all glanced at one another.

“She is having way too much fucking fun…” Kairos grunted.

“Maybe you’re having too little fun!” Tenuk smiled. “Come on, let’s try and sort you two out some proper clothes…”