Diary on the Star Soarer 14

It’s gone.

The monster is gone.

I saw it go. It spoke to me. Said it was going.

Is it really gone?

Was it just lying to me?



I gotta calm down.

Deep breaths.


So I was making my way down a hallway, about 100m away from the recreational areas. Walking through a living area.

I heard it. It was making a noise as if it was warning me it was there.

I leaned against one of the doorways. I wanted to keep out of the way. But the door opened and I fell in. There was someone hiding in the room. He pulled me inside and quickly closed and locked the door. A human like me. Cute-looking, blond, green-eyed guy.

But he was pissed off at me. Really angry. Claimed I was trying to lure the creature to him, trying to get him killed. I wasn’t! I told him I wasn’t, I was just trying to get to the cinema where my friends were. He didn’t believe me, so he hit me. Then he hit me again.

Before he could hit me a third time, the door opened behind us. I saw him lock it. He was confused. I was scared.

The creature was standing in the doorway. Staring at us.

It was standing on two legs. Like… A bit like a Raptai, but with shadows rather than vines on its body, and weird plates of armour. Its skin was almost black, not as dark as its shadowy arms and legs. And it was covered in blood. It had just killed someone.

I swear, it was smiling. I could see pitch black teeth sticking out from its jaws. Its eyes glowed gold, as if they were actual stars embedded in its face.

I curled up into a ball, as tight as I could. It was going to kill me. That was all I could think of. I just waited, eyes closed. I wanted to cover my ears as the guy screamed, the monster tearing into him, ripping him apart.

I could feel the blood pouring onto the floor, getting in my clothes and hair.

Then I could feel the creature’s horrible claws around my waist…

But it didn’t kill me. It gently placed me on a nearby chair and looked at me.

Then it talked to me.

It bloody spoke!

“Five hundred and one.”

I opened my eyes, I was shaking and I wanted to scream, but I didn’t. I slid off the chair and onto the floor. It didn’t care. It was smiling again as it picked up bits of the guy it had just killed and was throwing them in the hallway. It was almost laughing.

“I was going to leave you both, but this male was clearly not a good vok. I’m sure Kinisis won’t mind me being a tiny bit over quota for that little skylos.”

It turned back and looked at me, then it smiled again.

“You though, I like you. Be good now. Sorry about the ship.”

And then it disappeared. Just disappeared in a puff of pink and purple smoke. I didn’t know what to do, so I just sat there, terrified. Couldn’t move.

I sat there, I don’t know for how long. Several police people came in. Said they’d been tracking it. Couldn’t find it. A doctor helped take me to the medical bay. They checked me over, said I was fine apart from my shock.

I couldn’t talk though. I wanted to tell them what happened but no words came out. Everyone just assumed I’d hid until the creature disappeared.

Now that I’m alone in my room again (they brought me back here after they decided I was fine), I’m finally writing this down. It’s been… I don’t know. A few hours. I have to tell someone.

But no one will believe me. They’ll just think I’m insane. But I have this diary. I’ll send this out and make a new diary. So people can see this. Whether they believe me or think it’s fiction, I don’t care. This is the truth.

A monster attacked the Star Soarer.

A monster killed five hundred and one members of its population.

But I’m alive.

And that’s all that matters.