Driving Desires

“Hey, Psiksi?”

Kass’s voice was somewhat unexpected. Neither of the two Skyans had said much on their short drive home, mostly because they had both been lost in thought. Psiksi wasn’t sure what Kass had been thinking about, but Psiksi’s thoughts were mostly going over what had happened with Gath and what he could have done differently. Sure, they had done a lot of other things since the incident with Gath yesterday, but it was still bothering Psiksi. The only other thing on his mind was the weird smell of roses and lavender that was in the air.

“Uh, what’s up, Kass?”

Kass hesitated, adjusting his head scarf briefly. He continued to not answer as he pulled into an empty space by the side of the road. It was somewhat late, so traffic was mostly pretty clear.

“Um… I was thinking… Have you ever considered having sex in my hovercraft?”

Psiksi gave Kass a weird look. “We… did that once. It was awful.”

“Did we?” There was an odd twinkle in Kass’s eyes. “Sorry, I don’t… I don’t remember.”

“Is something wrong?” Psiksi noticed that Kass was breathing deeper than usual.

“Yeah. There’s something wrong. Can you drive, please?”

“Uh, sure…”

Psiksi blinked, then undid his seat belt and climbed out of the car. Kass scooted over into Psiksi’s still warm seat, while Psiksi went around the car and sat himself in the driver’s seat. The two Skyans strapped themselves in, Psiksi checked the coast was clear then slowly drove off.

“So what is wrong?”

“I don’t know…” Kass was fiddling with his stomach wrap now, opening it and closing it, fanning his stomach. “I just feel… sick. Love sick. Like, I really want to have sex right now. I haven’t felt this horny since I was a teenager.”

Psiksi concentrated on the road ahead. They were only a few minutes away from home, but considering how quickly Kass had started to show these weird symptoms, Psiksi wanted to get back as soon as possible.

“I swear, it’s something in the air…” Kass muttered. He stopped playing with his stomach wrap and removed the scarf from his head, pulling at it and fiddling with the ends before folding it up. “Like someone’s gone and pumped tons of those dumb Temthan hormonal sprays into the air, but it’s affecting everyone…” Kass glanced at Psiksi. “You don’t feel it?”

Psiksi tutted. “I’m trying not to think about it.”

“So you do feel it.”

“I just want to get home.”

“Fair enough…” Kass fell silent, but he was clearly getting pretty anxious and uncomfortable. After a little bit of a struggle, he managed to remove his stomach wrap, which made him a little less uncomfortable but a bit more anxious.

Finally, they drove past a sign that Kass realised. Home was ahead. Psiksi eased the vehicle into the small driveway by the house, then switched off the engine. As soon as the engine was off, Kass leaped out of the hovercraft and raced to the front door, leaving his clothes behind. Psiksi tutted as he picked up Kass’s wraps and carried them inside, alongside the small bag of shopping they had bought earlier.

“You really don’t seem right…” Psiksi muttered as he closed the door. He fumbled for his keys, then finally locked it up, before heading over to the bed in the middle of the room where Kass was already lying.

“I’m not right!” Kass admitted. “I feel really flustered, and, well, you know!”

“Yeah, there’s something in the air…” Psiksi smiled as he cuddled up to Kass. “Maybe we should try fix that?”

Kass nodded, then suddenly paused. “Wait, you’re not… concerned?”

“Of course I am, but there’s fuck all I can do about it right now, is there?” Psiksi explained. “Might as well enjoy ourselves for a bit…”

“You’re right as always, Psiksi!” Kass giggled as he rolled on top of his partner. “So, what do you fancy doing first?”