The Ksa

The Ksa are genetically altered, highly trained Threan-type Rethavok, designed from birth to perform specific duties in and around Rethan territories. Despite their small, often unarmored bodies, the Ksa are incredibly powerful, capable of vast and deadly abilities, including an amplified version of standard Threan-type telepathy and telekinisis. Many Ksa are elementally attuned and at least have resistances to various elemental powers.

Ksa are organized by Class, and given a specific job or duty, which they perform until they are unable to do so no more. Each Class is generally split into two groups, often known as Sub-Classes, and each Sub-Class will work a twelve hour shift while the other Sub-Class rests. The majority of Ksa will work for their whole lives, until they retire at the age of 100, or they die. Due to their dangerous and stressful jobs, few Ksa make it past the age of 125.

Most Ksa have limited rights compared to most Rethans. They are unable to consume alcohol, take recreational drugs or consume caffeine. They are also not allowed to vote in either elections or referendums, or affect the political process in any way apart from protecting it, due to their telepathic powers. These rules were altered on 07/06/2017 PDW, giving the majority of Ksa the same rights as normal Rethans, although they are still banned from taking drugs and must submit to medical exams every 6 months. Their new freedom has caused most of the Ksa to split up and form new groups, while the Northern and Southern Guards and the Guardians of the High General now work from their respective military legions.

Because of their isolation from most other Rethans, the Ksa have formed their own sub-culture and traditions, many of which are unknown due to their secretive nature when not on duty. The Ksa’s best known tradition is the ‘Ladder’, a way of ranking each individual Ksa based on power, rank and past exploits and adventures.

As well as wearing location trackers which are always turned on, the identities of all active Ksa are made publicly known, so that the general public know when Ksa are present.

R-Class Ksa – the Arbiters – A team of Ksa dedicated to keeping other Ksa in check, as well as capturing rogue Ksa

Feyar (Leader), Elar, Seyar, Veyar (Deputy leader), Kayar, Emar, Enar, Psiar, Deyar, Ohmyar, Ioar

K-Class Ksa – Guardians of Light – Personal Bodyguards to the High General of the Retha

Teekay (Deputy Leader), Enkay, Geekay, Veekay (Leader), Deekay, Thitakay, Eskay, Itakay, Arksi, Eksi, Thitaksi, Psiksi

Θ-Class Ksa – Keepers of the Great Library

Nenth (Leader), Seth (Deputy Leader), Renth, Venth, Keth, Kseth, Thfenth, Jenth, Zeth

S-Class Ksa – The Southern Guard – Defenders of the Southern Council Generals, Rysos Teftanon, Lefterias Eletheriou and Omnos Somnenion

Aress (Leader), Teyess (Deputy Leader), Emess, Eness, Deeyess, Ayess (Off-Duty), Kayess, Eless, Efess, Ksiess, Psiess, Zitess, Thitess, Veeyess, Hyess

V-Class Ksa – The Northern Guard – Defenders of the Northern Council Generals, Lepidas Kapetanio-Ksifon, Ksenofontos Tsoriou and Denpsi Sanastos

Emvee (Leader), Esvee (Deputy Leader), Envee, Efvee, Elvee, Devee, Ksivee, Psivee, Tevee, Pielvee, Enefvee, Enesvee, Hyarvee, Tienvee, Ksienvee

Ξ-Class Ksa – Guardians of the Great Crystal of Light

Ksirkas, Ksala, Ksonos, Ksenfos


D-Class Ksa – Shadow’s Duty – Backup Ksa who assist the V- and S-Class Ksa and do other, smaller duties, now working with the N-Class Ksa

Aydee, Endee, Quedee, Ksidee, Efdee, Jaydee (Off-Duty), Kaydee, Esdee, Iodee, Psidee, Omedee,

L-Class Ksa – The Twisted – Former Vice General Bodyguards – Former Defenders of Thre-Sypria

Kayel (Off-Duty), Enel (Off-Duty), Emel, Efel (Off-Duty), Veeyel (Off-Duty), Deeyel, Ksiel (Deputy Leader), Zitel (Off-Duty), Thiel (Off-Duty), Ayel, Arel (Off-Duty)

U-Class Ksa – Guards of the Blade – Former Vice General Bodyguards – Defenders of Thre-Etas, now working with the N-Class Ksa

Kayu (Leader), Eliu, Emiu, Enanu, Ksiu, Omiu (Deputy Leader), Ariun, Esiun, Teliun, Veu

Ψ-Class Ksa -The Cloned – Elementally-based Ksa who have the abilities to create copies of themselves.

Epsi (Leader), Elpsi (Deputy Leader), Evpsi, Arpsi, Tepsi, Empsi

N-Class Ksa – Light’s Wings – Former High General Bodyguards, Protectors of General Photeianos

Rank 1: Thitavee-En (Leader), Ayvee-En, Kayvee-En, Esvee-En, Emvee-En, Kayel-En, Deyen-En, Argee-En, Efgee-En, Kaygee-En, Psadee-En, Ksidee-En, Thidee-En,

Rank 2: Aybee-En, Tebee-En, Elby-En, Thibee-En, Kaybee-En, Jaybee-En, Ksibee-En, Oby-En, Oem-En, Oni-En, Ioubee-En

Rank 3 (Currently serving Vice General Rethais Rethianos): Aziten, Elziten, Efziten, Deeziten, Kayziten, Esziten

X-Class Ksa – Non-Apogen Ksa often trained and kept on hold, and don’t belong in a separate group

[List removed]

A-Class Ksa – Retired Ksa who may return to active duty if needed

[List removed]